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Mind Reader Monitor Stand, Ventilated Laptop Riser, Paper Tray, Office, Metal Mesh, 20"L x 11.5"W x 5.5"H, Set of 2

Mind Reader Monitor Stand, Ventilated Laptop Riser, Paper Tray, Office, Metal Mesh, 20"L x 11.5"W x 5.5"H, Set of 2

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Work Comfortably and Efficiently

Keeping a computer monitor, laptop, or tablet at the appropriate height reduces strain on joints and muscles. Not only does this monitor elevate your electronic device height for a better viewing angle, but the stand also helps place your body in a more ergonomic position to reduce pain and strain in the neck and shoulders over a prolonged period of time.

Freeing up desktop space is easier to manage with the help of this monitor stand and desktop organizer combination. Two storage compartments located on the side of the monitor stand give you a place to put pens, markers, and other office supplies for easy access. Clear papers and files off your desk by placing them in the lower tier, and just tuck your keyboard under the monitor stand to free up more room for writing or even eating a meal.

The monitor stand is made to withstand the weight of most standard monitors and laptops due to its sturdy mesh metal construction. The supports on the bottom of the desk organizer have a rubber coating to keep the stand securely in place.

Organize your work area and mood with this sleek black monitor stand. It will add a bit of ambiance to your office. With this set of two monitor stands you can keep one and gift one. The space-saving design makes this a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of computer monitors or those who need a space-saving monitor stand and organizing workstation. Students going off to college and students who study at home can benefit from this monitor stand and organizer that lets them work and play comfortably while staying organized.

  • Reduce pain: Raising the monitor to eye level reduces joint and muscle pain
  • Increase your workspace: Keep files, documents, and other items arranged neatly underneath your monitor or in the side storage compartment and free up desk space
  • Durable design: The metal mesh construction of the monitor stand is sturdy and lightweight
  • Enhance your area: Add an air of sophistication to your desk with this black monitor stand and organizer
  • Dimensions: The file storage organizer is 11.5 long x 20 wide x 5.5 inches tall (29.21 x 50.8 x 13.97 centimeters) and weighs 1.84 pounds (0.83 kilograms)
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