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Mind Reader Network Collection, 3-Compartment Utensil Caddy with Wooden Handle, Countertop Organizer, Metal Mesh

Mind Reader Network Collection, 3-Compartment Utensil Caddy with Wooden Handle, Countertop Organizer, Metal Mesh

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Three Pack

The MIND READER Utensil Caddy is our top-end metal utensil holder that we've precision-engineered to be durable against any silverware you place into the holders, sturdy enough to resist any warping, bending, scraping or damage for many years. Our kitchen utensil holders for your countertop features a wide-open top compartment on all three holders, allowing for simple organization and easy access to all of your kitchen flatware and utensils. We've taken a minimal and modern design approach with the MIND READER Utensil Caddy. It's visually pleasing and will instantly upgrade the aesthetic of your home. Serve your family and friends with simplicity and style. And gone are the days where you're chaotically rummaging through shelves, drawers, cabinets, and dishwashers, looking for the pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, or spoon. Our silverware organizer keeps all of your flatware in one place, saving you space, stress, and time. Able to hold over 30 pieces of various sizes of cutlery, in a simple, organized, and neat way. Our compact cutlery organizer is made to provide maximum capacity within a lightweight and small footprint. And don't worry about when things get a little messy in the kitchen. The MIND READER Utensil Caddy is easy to clean. One wipe with a damp cloth or towel or a rinse through the sink will have it looking good as new. It's a simple, durable, and space-saving solution to your utensil needs.

  • STURDY & DURABLE: Stainless steel ensures that the utensil holder will be kept for years to come with little to no damage.
  • EASY ORGANIZATION: Wide opened compartment allows for you to easily organize your flatware, silverware and any other cookware you may have.
  • STYLISH: Modern day look, gives you the opportunity to store your serving ware while also adding to the look of your beautiful home.
  • SPACIOUS: Lovely design allows you to store, silverware, plastic ware or any serving ware, while keeping your countertop as clear from these utensils as possible.
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.5 (L) x 7.5 (W) x 9.5 (H)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Not only can you use this caddy for cutlery in the kitchen, but it can be used for various settings like the bathroom, office space and even an art class.
  • BATHROOM STORAGE: Can be easily used in the bathroom for storing cotton swabs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other bathroom essentials.
  • OFFICE ORGANIZER: Use this in your office for storing and organizing your desk supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, markers, paperclips, and much more.
  • CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION: An excellent addition to your classroom if you are a teacher. Store and organize useful supplies for your classmates in the Mind Reader Storage Caddy. An excellent choice for paint brushes, markers, crayons, highlighters and much more.
  • USEFUL FOR YOUR VANITY: Can even be used for organizing your makeup brushes, lipsticks, lip liners, mascara pens and much more. A beautiful sleek addition to your vanity. The mesh construction allows for minimal cleaning as the design is meant for less dust build up which is beneficial for high end make up brushes.
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