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Mind Reader Foundation Collection, 3-Tier, 5-Compartment Coffee, Tea, Utensil and Condiment Dispenser, Countertop Organizer, Kitchen and Breakroom

Mind Reader Foundation Collection, 3-Tier, 5-Compartment Coffee, Tea, Utensil and Condiment Dispenser, Countertop Organizer, Kitchen and Breakroom

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Clean up the coffee station with a Mind Reader three-tiered organizer. Designed to provide an accessible way to organize your coffee station, this organizer features a stacked construction that takes up a minimal footprint on your counter or at your coffee station. The durable, lightweight acrylic ensures that this condiment holder stands sturdily, while resisting moisture, mildew, and other damaging conditions. Non-slip feet maintain the unit firmly in place, and shallow walls on each section ensure items don’t fall out of their assigned compartments. Ideal for sorting and storing your beverage supplies for hot or cold drinks, this stylish organizer also works well for organizing craft supplies, kitchen essentials, makeup gear, or other office and school necessities like rubber bands, staples, and thumb tacks. Dimensions: 7.25″ L x 6″ W x 15.6″ H Materials: Acrylic

  • ULTIMATE COFFEE TEA CONDIMENT ORGANIZER: Complete condiment and beverage accessory solution organizes any size office breakroom or beverage space where employees gather to eat and drink at work.
  • MULTI-SLOT MAKES IT EASY TO ORGANIZE: Three tier vertical organizer features 5 compartments for coffee cups, tea cups, cups for water, coffee lids, sugar packets, tea bags, creamers, stirrers or utensils.
  • PERFECT FOR AT HOME, OFFICE OR HOSPITALITY: Makes coffee and tea service areas easy to organize in hotel lobbies, motel breakfast service areas, at home on your kitchen counter or at work - space saver organizer solution keeps condiments organized.
  • VERSATILE ORGANIZER SPACESAVER: multi-compartment organizer helps to keep loose condiments, ketchup and mustard packets, paper clips, thumb tacks, rubber bands and anything that needs organizing in their place until you're ready to use them.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Tower Multi-Purpose Organizer Dimensions: 7.25" (L) x 6 (W) x 15.6 (H).
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: durable constructions is food safe and easy to situate in the perfect spot on work counter, kitchen counter, table top or desk - can withstand day to day use of office employees, warehouse staff, hotel patrons and more.
  • EASY CARRY AND NON SLIP: It's easy to move this light weight acrylic vertical organizer so that it's close to coffee pots, hot water cooler or anywhere you need this organizer to sit - use for traditional condiment organizer or to organize items as needed.
  • PERFECT FOR DORMS AND COLLEGE: Students and teachers need organizers too - use in dorm rooms, common areas where coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot water is served - keep near snacks and food.
  • KITCHEN COUNTERTOP ORGANIZER: All kitchens need organizing and this is a sure way to organize those coffee pods - keep on counter or hide away in kitchen cabinets if you've got the space and like things tucked away behind cabinet doors.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Keeping organizers is easy - simply wipe clean with hot water and cleaning product to reduce dirt and germs - keeping supplies off the counter is cleaner and healthier for everyone using them.
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