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Mind Reader Utensil Dispenser, Silverware Organizer, Plastic Fork Spoon Dispenser, Kitchen, 10.25"L x 10.75"W x 24.5"H, Black

Mind Reader Utensil Dispenser, Silverware Organizer, Plastic Fork Spoon Dispenser, Kitchen, 10.25"L x 10.75"W x 24.5"H, Black

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Convenient Cutlery at Your Fingertips

Solving the problem of limited counter space, our 3-compartment tower organizer provides an efficient solution for your kitchen or breakroom. Compact yet spacious, it can store up to 300 combined forks, spoons, and knives, each in their own compartment. This efficient use of space ensures you have all your essential utensils readily available, without cluttering your countertop.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic, this organizer is built to withstand everyday usage and maintain its pristine look. The unique design allows each utensil to be taken by the handle, ensuring clean and safe usage for everyone in the office.

Refilling the utensils is as simple as pressing the red button on the left-hand side of the organizer, which releases the compartment for easy access. Despite its 24-inch height, the dispenser remains steady on your counter, thanks to its 10.25 by 10.75-inch wider base that tapers towards the top.

Weighing 13.77 lbs (6.25 kg), this dispenser is portable and can be conveniently moved. The Foundation line of products is perfect for office spaces, hotels, and for those who frequently entertain large crowds or host events.

  • Space-Saving Design: Designed to maximize counter space, holding a 300 pieces of cutlery, it is perfect for break rooms. IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is exclusively compatible with Mind Reader Plastic Utensils, sold separately
  • High-Quality Materials: The dispenser is constructed from durable ABS plastic, ensuring its longevity and ability to withstand daily use. It is designed to endure repeated handling and provide reliable functionality
  • Generous Capacity: Each of the three clear compartments has a large capacity, accommodating up to 100 forks, spoons, and knives. The transparent design allows for easy monitoring of utensil levels, so you know when it's time for a refill
  • Durable and Easy to Clean: This utensil dispenser is built to last and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth. Its sturdy construction ensures resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its appearance and functionality over time
  • Dimensions: The 3-compartment utensil dispenser measures 10.25 inches (26.04 cm) in length, 10.75 inches (27.31 cm) in width, and 24.5 inches (62.23 cm) in height. It provides ample storage capacity while occupying minimal space on your countertop
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