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Mind Reader Elevate Collection, Mobile File Cart, Heavy Duty, Office Storage, Multi-Purpose, 360° Omnidirectional Casters, Metal, Silver

Mind Reader Elevate Collection, Mobile File Cart, Heavy Duty, Office Storage, Multi-Purpose, 360° Omnidirectional Casters, Metal, Silver

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Roll Your Way to Organization: The Versatile Mobile Storage Cart

Elevate your organization game at work, home, or school with our multipurpose mobile file cart. Designed to accommodate hanging file folders, this cart is perfect for students, teachers, professionals, and craft enthusiasts looking to declutter their spaces.

Whether you need to organize homework, class notes, grading, cardstock, stickers, sewing patterns, or office documents, this utility cart is up to the task. Its compact design allows it to be neatly tucked under your desk, and you can easily roll it out whenever you need to access your files.

Our file cart is built for durability and sturdiness, with the file tier capable of holding up to 30 pounds of letter-size paper. Easily move papers from a sorting area to a permanent filing cabinet thanks to the cart's mobility. For added convenience, the caster wheels can lock in place to ensure stability once the cart reaches its destination.

This mobile cart makes a thoughtful back-to-school gift for teachers setting up new classrooms. It's also an effective organizing tool for office printing rooms, churches, homeschool classrooms, craft closets, and more. Even for household chores, the cart excels. Organize your cleaning or laundry supplies in the main tiers and store laminated chore checklists in the side folder holders for easy access.

Experience the joy of a well-organized space with our versatile mobile storage cart.

  • Convenient and Versatile: This mobile file cart is designed to help you organize files, homework, craft supplies, and more, making it a versatile storage solution for various purposes
  • Durable Steel Construction: Made from durable steel material, this file cart is built to withstand everyday use and provide long-lasting durability. It can handle the weight of files and other items without bending or breaking
  • Easy Mobility: The cart features 360° caster wheels, allowing for smooth and easy movement in any direction you need. You can effortlessly roll the cart from one location to another, making it convenient to access your files and supplies wherever you are
  • Two-Tier Storage: The cart offers two tiers of storage. The top tier is designed to accommodate hanging file folders, keeping them organized and easily accessible. The bottom tier is perfect for storing stationery products, scissors, staplers, and other supplies, helping you keep everything in one place
  • Dimensions: This file cart measures 12 inches long x 22 inches wide x 25.5 inches tall (30.48 x 55.88 x 64.77 cm), providing ample storage space while still being compact enough to fit in various settings
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