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Mind Reader Single Serve Coffee Pod Storage, 30 Pod Capacity, Countertop Organizer, 6.75"L x 6.25"W x 12.5"H, Black

Mind Reader Single Serve Coffee Pod Storage, 30 Pod Capacity, Countertop Organizer, 6.75"L x 6.25"W x 12.5"H, Black

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Create an Enjoyable Coffee Experience

Mornings just got brighter and easier to manage with the aid of this single-serve coffee pod carousel. The swivel organizer includes a lower base finger grip that lets you peruse up to 30 coffee choices with a flick of the wrist, so finding the right pod is convenient and quick.

Impress your family and friends with this countertop coffee pod storage organizer with the special patent-pending locking system to keep standard coffee pods in place at any angle. Made to fit single-serve pods that measure 1.5 inches (2.54 centimeters) at the base and 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) at the top, the pods are easy to insert and retrieve. Quickly clean spills and dust with a damp cloth to keep the swivel base operating smoothly.

The single-serve black plastic coffee pod storage carousel is lightweight and durable. The organizer is designed to move freely without compromising stability, even when the it's is at full capacity. The rubber grips at the bottom of the organizer prevent it from moving or sliding off a slick countertop.

Transporting the carousel is easy with the built-in handle that graces the top of the organizer. This compact coffee pod organizer leaves a small footprint on any countertop. This carousel makes a great gift for early risers who want to grab their favorite java without a lot of fuss. The coffee pod organizer is also a thoughtful gift for children to give to teachers and grandparents on birthdays or other special occasions.

  • Convenience at your fingertips: This single-serve coffee pod organizer allows you to offer a variety of coffee pod choices that are easy to retrieve
  • Unique design: The countertop coffee pod carousel spins easily and features a patent-pending self-locking feature that keeps pods in place, even when tilted
  • Easy to maintain: Clean-up of this coffee pod storage system is quick and easy with a soft damp cloth and mild soap
  • Sturdy construction: Feel confident using this coffee pod storage carousel that is durable and stable
  • Dimensions: The coffee pod storage carousel measures 6.85 long x 6.85 wide x 12.5 inches tall (17.40 x 17.40 x 31.75 centimeters) and weighs 1.88 lbs (0.85 kilograms)
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