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Mind Reader Anchor Collection, One Touch Straw Dispenser, Countertop Organizer, Black

Mind Reader Anchor Collection, One Touch Straw Dispenser, Countertop Organizer, Black

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Streamline Straw Storage for Effortless Dispensing
Functional for many straw types, this adjustable straw dispenser lets you customize the container to hold small, medium, or large straws.

The straw dispenser holds wrapped or unwrapped straws for convenience. You can fill it with standard-sized, wrapped straws. However, you can also use it to dispense pencils for a clever classroom-containing solution.

Use the lightweight straw holder in many spaces, including an office lounge, teachers' breakroom, a dorm room, or take it to a family get-together, picnic, or party to make using straws simple for more people.

The one-touch design keeps straw-dispensing sanitary since the straw holder only releases one straw at a time, minimizing contact with additional straws.

Easy to clean and fill, the straw holder incorporates a top-loading design, so you lift the lid and fill the straws up from the top, close the lid, and begin dispensing.

This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys organization, the large straw dispenser makes a welcome addition to any space where people frequently use straws and keeps straws organized during any large gathering.

  • Large-capacity design: Oversized but built with a compact look and feel, the straw holder can hold up to 250 straws
  • One-touch use: Get what you need and go with the simple and functional design of the dispenser
  • Protect straws: Straws stay neat and clean inside the sturdy plastic organizer until ready for use
  • Durable design blends into any decor: Made of strong acrylic, the sleek black straw dispenser looks great in your kitchen, restaurant, cafe, or bar
  • Dimensions: The convenient container measures 9.25 long x 4.5 deep x 7.5 inches tall (23.49 x 11.43 x 19.05 centimeters) and weighs 1.34 lbs (.60 kilograms)
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