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Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer with 3 Storage Drawers, 22lb. Capacity

Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer with 3 Storage Drawers, 22lb. Capacity

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Two Pack

Maximize Desk Space With a Monitor Stand

There are many ways to use this set of two sturdy stands. Though it's perfect for your monitor, laptop or MacBook, you can also enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience when watching TV or looking at your tablet. The durable design makes it functional for holding a printer or game console, too.

Improve comfort and posture as you work or watch. It's common to strain your back, neck, and shoulders when looking at your computer, but when you raise it to eye level, you can sit properly and eliminate aches and pains after a long day working or an afternoon of binge-watching your favorite streaming show.

Declutter any area with plenty of storage space. This compact and slim desk organizer and stand fits onto a small desk in a dorm or work-from-home setup and wrangles everything from thumb drives and pens to paper clips, tape, and sticky notes. Tidy up your desk or table in seconds with a space-saving storage solution. 

The monitor stand is a lifesaver when you're short on space in a kitchen, study, or bedroom. Give a teacher, co-worker, friend, or student the gift of organization and an easy, relaxed setup for viewing or working on a computer.

Reduce back and neck pain: Avoid looking down at your monitor and keep it eye-level to cut down on eye strain and muscle aches

Built-in storage minimizes messes: Do double duty with a monitor stand that also functions as a handy desk organizer with three roomy drawers with compartments for writing instruments, clips, sticky notes, and more

Sleek Modern Design: This streamlined design is easy to wipe clean and compliments any office decor

Non-skid design: Equipped with rubber feet, your monitor stays in place as you work

Dimensions: Compact and slim, the desk organizer measures 13.5 long x 12.8 wide x 2.7 inches tall (34.29 x 32.51 x 6.85 centimeters) and weighs 5 lbs (2.26 kilograms)

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