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Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Monitor Stand, 50lb. Capacity, Set of 2, Black

Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Monitor Stand, 50lb. Capacity, Set of 2, Black

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Increase Comfort and Declutter Your Desk
This set of two monitor stands means double the organizational possibilities. Use one for your computer monitor and the other for your laptop, TV, or take one to the office and leave one at home.

Along with using a computer stand for your monitor or laptop, there are several other uses for monitor risers. You can elevate your television, printer, phone, or gaming console to support your body better as you view or work. The riser's height is conveniently adjustable, from 2 to 5.25" high.

When you're done with your computer riser for the day, it's easy to store the slim stand out of the way. It fits into small spaces, or into a cabinet when not in use. To clean your riser, wipe it down with a cloth and mild soap/water. Non-slip rubber feet keep the sturdy stand in place, keeping your devices safe.

For a thoughtful alternative, keep one monitor stand and gift the second to a friend who suffers from eye, neck, or back strain due to poor posture while working. These slim stands are perfect for dorm rooms and work-from-home setups. Increase the space on any surface while ensuring fewer backaches.

  • Maximize a small space: Free up room on your desk or table with a space-saving monitor riser that lifts your screen up and off the surface
  • Height-adjustable to reduce strain: Bring the screen to your eye level with an adjustable four-leg monitor stand you can customize for your height, this stand can be adjusted from 2.5 to 5.25" high
  • Organize your workspace: Clean up the clutter on your workspace with two monitor stands that give you dedicated spots to put your laptop or tablet with room to slide supplies under the stand and a well for pens on top
  • Improve your posture: Looking down at your computer can create pain due to neck and back aches, and a computer monitor stand allows you to sit properly, avoiding strain
  • Dimensions: Each monitor stand measures an efficient 14.5 long x 10.5 wide x up to 5.25 inches tall (36.83 x 26.67 x 13.33 centimeters) and weighs 3.74 lbs (1.69 kilograms)
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