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Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Mobile Printer Cart with Tiers and Lockable Wheels, 75lb. Capacity,Black

Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Mobile Printer Cart with Tiers and Lockable Wheels, 75lb. Capacity,Black

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It’s a height-adjustable, tiered cart with wheels! This Adjustable Rolling Cart is not like other wheeled carts. The height is adjustable! So you can go from a tall two-tier printer stand to a low profile printer stand in a matter of seconds. This product can hold most printers up to 75 pounds. So it’s perfect as a printer table for small spaces or a printer stand under your desk. You can place the cart as an extension of your desk, between cubicle spaces or you can collapse it to go under your desk and out of sight! You’ll also keep your printer cables tangle-free as each tier comes with a cable management or cord management feature. So no unsightly mess of cords! This MIND READER Adjustable Rolling Cart has so many uses! Make it a printer cart for your office printer or home office printer. Use the bottom tier to store printer paper and cut down on those trips to the supply room. It’s also great as an AV cart or even a projector cart. You can load it with a small computer, monitor and more! Whatever you use it for, the two tiers of storage are definitely space-savers. Keep all your items easy to find on one tidy cart. There’s also a drawer for extra storage! Great for keeping stationery items like pens, paper clips, binder clips or extra staples handy. And transporting these items room to room is a breeze with the MIND READER Adjustable Rolling Cart. Don’t break your back. Just stack them onto the cart and go! Made of durable plastic, it’s built to last and easy to clean. To top it off, this item needs no tools! It’s a quick assembly and then it’s ready to use! The MIND READER Adjustable Rolling Cart is exactly what you have been looking for! Get one today!


  • 2 or 3 TIERS: Get maximum storage and organization with this multi-level cart.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Unlike traditional rolling carts with wheels, this item is height-adjustable. You can go from a two-tier to a low profile rolling cart in a matter of seconds. You can customize this item to that perfect height and place it near your desk or even under your desk!
  • HOLDS UP TO 75 POUNDS : This product can carry a decent load. It can hold most printers, up to 75 pounds. That also means you can load it with reams and reams of paper: the perfect printer paper organizer.
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT: Each tier comes with a cable management feature to keep power cords neat, tidy and tangle-free. Perfect for a mobile printer stand.
  • SPACE-SAVER: With its vertical storage power, this item is a definite space-saver. Unload items off your office desk or home office desk and onto this product.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: It's not just a printer caddy or mobile printers stand. You can use it as an AV cart, projector cart and much more! The possibilities are endless!
  • ON THE GO: This rolling cart with wheels will keep your printer or any other items mobile and accessible wherever you need it to be.
  • EXTRA DRAWER STORAGE: Get even more storing power with the included drawer. Perfect for those smaller things such as stationery items.
  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Made of durable plastic, this item is built to last and a cinch to clean.
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