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Mind Reader Alloy Collection, Heavy Duty Water Jug Stand, Metal, Silver

Mind Reader Alloy Collection, Heavy Duty Water Jug Stand, Metal, Silver

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Enjoy a stylish way to stack your water jugs with this tiered storage shelf from Mind Reader Products. Water cooler jugs can be unwieldy and occupy tons of space in storage closets, office break rooms, and other similar locations. The large jugs that fasten atop your office watercooler don’t naturally stack well, and while having multiple bottles on hand makes it easy to refill, these oversized containers can take over a whole closet quickly. Storing them this way not only requires too much space, it puts too much strain on the backs of people who need to bend over and try to hoist these heavy nuisances off the ground. This sturdy tiered shelf from Mind Reader Products designed with these specific watercooler bottles in mind makes an ideal solution for your storage closet. The stainless steel bars are molded to conform to five-gallon water jugs, so you can easily stack facing forward or backward. Each unit holds up to three bottles at a time, and includes adjustable feet fitted with rubberized grips to protect your floor and keep bottles stable. The entire shelf can be assembled in under five minutes for your convenience, and helps to save space in your storage closet, kitchen, or break room by providing vertical storage for your water cooler refills. Stack and store your water cooler refills with the Mind Reader space-saving stainless steel shelf. Dimensions: 13.39″ L x 13.39″ W x 25.53″ H. Material: Stainless Steel.

• HEADY DUTY BUILD: The stainless steel construction reinforces your 5-gallon water jugs and ensures they remain firmly locked into place within a thick, robust, and durable metal frame.

• QUICK SET UP: Your time is valuable, which is why this 3 tiered water bottle holder can be easily unpacked, set up, and storing your water without hassle. Four rubber grips, one on each stand, preventing scratching and stopping your water jugs from slipping off and damaging your office space or floor.

• DUAL STORAGE OPTIONS: Designed so that you can place your jugs on each tier of this water rack forwards or backward facing.

• ADJUSTABLE FEET: This modular bottle rack allows you to easily adjust the feet to provide optimal height for storage while maintaining comfortable reach for your coworkers or family.

• TILT PROOF: Engineered to keep your water in place, and prevent tipping, even while empty. It’s a stackable water bottle rack that provides safe and simple storage.

• SPACE SAVER: Your office space should be a place optimized for productivity. That’s why this 5-gallon water bottle holder rack holds up to 3 jugs in one spot, saving your space and keeping your office organized and ready for work.

• INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Our stainless steel bars are constructed, curved and molded to efficiently and effectively hold your 5-gallon water jugs in place.

• EASY TO CLEAN: A sleek and smooth surface across the entire steel frame means you can easily clean the entire water jug storage rack in less than 5 minutes!

• DIMENSIONS: 13.39 L x 13.39 W 

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