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Mind Reader 9-to-5 Collection, Office Chair Mat, Anti-Skid Floor Protector, 48 x 36, PVC

Mind Reader 9-to-5 Collection, Office Chair Mat, Anti-Skid Floor Protector, 48 x 36, PVC

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Two Pack

From Home to Office: Zoom on Your Office Mat.

This two-pack of PVC floor mats keeps your floors safe from scratches and provides you the comfort you need while working. Instead of just one skid-proof rectangular floor mat, you'll get two identical chair mats for a great value.

It works best on hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring. The mats are made from pliable PVC so these rugged office mats are less likely to tear or break. Avoid constantly replacing torn-up, cracked computer mats thanks to its rugged construction.

To clean your office mat, simply wipe with mild soap and water. To transport it, roll it up with ease. Because it’s a set, you can leave one at home and bring one into your office.

There's no assembly required, but you may find the flexible mat may take time to lie flat once unrolled — roll it the opposite way a few times before setting it on the floor — using a blow dryer to warm and soften the plastic can also help.

Stays in place: This plastic mat lets you twist, slide, and turn your chair without the worry of slippage

Protects flooring: Keep floors from damage with a protective floor mat made of strong, thin, and durable polypropylene

Safe and healthy: Polypropylene is a thermoplastic, flexible polymer used in many common household items

Improve comfort: People who spend long hours laboring at a desk may sustain pain from an aching back or stiff neck. Rolling and fidgeting are common efforts to get comfortable. A non-skid floor mat can help you move about

Dimensions: This easy-glide PVC mat complements your favorite computer chair easily, regardless of seat size, and it measures 47.5 long x 35.5 inches wide x .1 tall (121.9 x 91.1 centimeters)

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