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Collapsible Wooden Dish Rack, Bamboo Brown

Collapsible Wooden Dish Rack, Bamboo Brown


Dry your dishes in space-saving style with this collapsible drying rack from Mind Reader Products.
Make sure your freshly washed dishes dry beautifully with this convenient drying rack. Too often, drying dishes with cloth or microfiber towels ends up leaving streaks, smears, or shedding fabric particles behind; paper towels have moderately better results, but wastes a large amount of paper product, and often still shed particles onto the dishes. Using a drying rack to air-dry your dishes avoids streaking, smearing, or water staining, but many drying racks are made from tacky plastic, or take up excessive counter space. The Mind Reader Bamboo Drying Rack makes a stylish, space-saving solution that allows your dishes room to breathe.
The convenient dual-tier design of this drying rack provides extra space for drying without needing to occupy additional room on your countertop. Each rack provides 14 slots for drying your dishes, with the top rack offering plenty of room for small or full-size plates or even a cutting board, and the bottom rack providing space for your mugs, saucers, glassware, or silverware. Bamboo construction ensures that the drying rack won’t warp or mildew over time and exposure to moisture, and is easily cleaned with soap and water. In between uses, you can simply fold up the rack and pack it away to free up room on your counter, making this product ideal for use in places with limited counter space, such as apartments or dormitories.
Make more room on your counter with a Mind Reader space-saving dish drying rack.
Dimensions: 13.63″ L x 17.75″ W x 13.5″ H
Materials: Natural Bamboo

  • DUAL-TIER DESIGN - Crafted to conveniently provide you extra room for your dishes while still conserving space, the unique 2-tier design of this drying rack gives you space for plates, platters, or other larger dishes on top, and room for mugs, cups, glassware, etc. below
  • ROOM FOR ONE MORE - Each tier of this foldable drying rack offers 14 slots for your dishware, so you can fit your square or round plates, or even a cutting board, on the top tier with ease, with room for mugs, saucers, flatware, and more on the bottom tier
  • COLLAPSING CONVENIENCE - In between uses, simply fold up the drying rack and put it away to conserve counter space, making it great for use in apartments with smaller kitchens or dormitories
  • BEAUTIFUL BAMBOO - Bamboo is resilient and long-lasting, resists bacteria, moisture, and warping, and provides sturdy support for your dishes as they dry
  • DIMENSIONS - 13.63″ L x 17.75″ W x 13.5″ H
  • CLASS UP YOUR COUNTER - The upscale X-shaped design of this dish drying rack and the bamboo finish make it the perfect way to dry your dishes with finesse and style
  • STRESS-FREE MAINTENANCE - Between uses, your bamboo drying rack is easy to wash with soap and water, and the natural bamboo finish resists stains and bacterial damage, so you can get on with the important parts of your day

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