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Spring Loaded Jump Rope with Wooden Handle

Spring Loaded Jump Rope with Wooden Handle


Take your workout to new heights with a Mind Reader jump rope.
Tired of jogging in circles? Bring fun back to your home workouts with a wood-handle jump rope from Mind Reader. Skipping rope improves heart health and burns calories faster and more efficiently than lower-impact activities like walking and jogging, and can also help to strengthen foot and ankle muscles. Jumping rope directly benefits your health while bringing back the joy of playground nostalgia. Your Mind Reader jump rope uses spring-loaded handles to provide a full 360-degree range of rope rotation, ensuring every revolution feels smooth and doesn’t snag. The 120″ cable provides ample clearance while resisting tangles and fraying, so you can jump to your heart’s content. The smooth wooden handles maintain comfort while you jump, while maintaining a secure grip during intense workout sessions. Workout on-the-go with a Mind Reader jump rope! Materials: PVC, Wood.

  • FULL CIRCLE - Enjoy a full, rapid 360-degree spin on your jump rope without any hitches, thanks to the spring-loaded handles.
  • SKIP THE SNAGS - The tangle-free PVC cord won’t tangle while you’re jumping rope, so you can keep moving.
  • SECURE GRIP - The smooth wooden handle feels good in your hands while jumping, and stays secure, even if your palms get damp during an intense workout.
  • CARDIO LIFE - Skipping rope raises your heart rate and burns calories faster than walking or jogging, while adding fun to your home workout routine.
  • DIMENSIONS - 120″ cord, 0.75″ x 4.5″ handles
  • JUST KEEP SKIPPING - The durable, long-lasting cable resists fraying, unlike cloth or twine jump ropes that break down quickly.
  • WORKOUT WHEREVER - Easily packed into a bag or backpack, so you can take your workout wherever you want to go!