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Wall Mounted Newspaper and Magazine Rack

Wall Mounted Newspaper and Magazine Rack


For multiple documents and the files that seem to always be in the way, this metal mesh document organizer mounts straight to the wall and saves you plenty of space. The slanted and stacked feature helps to easily display any items and provides easy access to all. The sturdy construction can support a large amount of weight.

  • Sturdy Built - Sturdy metal mesh construction can support a lot of weight from multiple folders and files.
  • Versatile Use - Can be used in both home or office settings, adding to the beauty of any office space.
  • Wall Mount Capability - Easily mounted to the wall allowing you to save space and stay organized.
  • Office Organizer - Can be used to display files, documents, folders, office supplies & more.
  • Easy Access - Angled and open design allows for easy visibility, allowing you to see all of your documents.
  • Dimensions: 4.25 (L) x 12.75 (W) x 16 (H)

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