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Ultimate Scraper Door Mat
Ultimate Scraper Door Mat
Ultimate Scraper Door Mat

Ultimate Scraper Door Mat



Make a clean entrance with the Mind Reader ultimate entrance mat. Coming inside on a rainy, messy day can often lead to unnecessary tracking of moisture and unwanted dirt and debris inside your home. Many entrance mats that claim to help with this serve as a half-measure, simply offering a flimsy fabric coating that might dry your shoes, but doesn’t get into those hard-to-reach crevices of the treading to remove caked-on mud and other damaging particles. Enter the Mind Reader Ultimate Door Mat, designed to protect your floors from damage. The durable vinyl and rubber fingertip scrapers help to absorb moisture that can cause warping and water stains on hardwood floors, while digging deep into the crevices of shoe treads to help thoroughly remove dirt and mud. Not just made to help remove dirt from shoes, this handy doormat can also reduce grease and soil tracked in by pets, trapping the dirt below the walking surface for easy removal later. The protective backing underneath ensures that the doormat won’t slip or migrate while you’re trying to clean your feet, while the dense, sturdy construction provides an entrance solution that won’t degrade quickly like cheaper mats.
Bring home a Mind Reader door mat and protect your flooring from unwanted mud and water damage. Materials: Vinyl, Rubber.

  • MATS THAT LAST - The durable vinyl and polyester construction ensures that this mat won’t degrade over time in medium traffic areas, making it ideal for home or office use.
  • PURGE THE DIRT - Removes unwanted mud and caked on dirt, while absorbing harmful moisture and damaging materials like rock salt and snow, from the bottom of shoes, paws, and anything else making its way into your home.
  • SUPER CLEAN - The alternating rows of rubber and fingertip scrapers help to more effectively remove thoroughly entrenched dirt and debris from the treading on shoes or from in between your pets’ paws.
  • TREAD LIGHTLY - Protect your floor from the damaging chemicals in rock salt, moisture that can warp hardwood floor, and mud that can stain and ruin indoor carpets.
  • DIMENSIONS - 24″ L x 36″ W x 0.75″ H
  • STAY STANDING - The non-slip grip on the bottom ensures that the mat will remain in place while you or your guests wipe their feet. No more sliding across the floor!
  • PAW PARTY - Not just made for shoes, this entrance mat can also help remove dirt and mud from pets’ paws that would otherwise be tracked inside. Erase those paw prints before they appear.
  • EASY CLEAN - The mat traps soil and other tracked dirt underneath the walking surface, so you can easily hose it, shake it, or vacuum it clean as needed.