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Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush with Holder

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush with Holder



You don’t know clean until you’ve experienced the MIND READER Toilet Brush and Holder! Most toilet brushes don’t remove stains from under the rim. Traditional toilet brushes spread the toilet bowl cleaner fluid unevenly giving you an average result. With the MIND READER Toilet Brush and Holder, you’ll get the sparkling finish you’ve been looking for! This toilet brush and holder features a unique design that allows you to fill the dispensing handle with toilet cleaner liquid.This ensures even application wherever you brush. No need to pour cleaning liquid every time you brush. It’s already in the handle! Does the design of your current toilet bowl cleaner brush have your cleanliness in mind? The MIND READER Toilet Brush features a splash guard to keep toilet water from splashing on you. No accidental toilet water splashes on your skin or clothes. This guard also keeps the bristles hidden and secure in its holder. Ready for the next cleaning. Durability was a must when it came to designing this toilet brush with holder. The bristles are designed to be shed-free! Bristles are placed all around one end of the shaft to help you clean those hard to reach places. The bristles are also gentle enough not to damage the ceramic surface of your toilet so you will always have your toilet sparkling clean! It also has a robust construction for when you need to apply that extra elbow grease to remove those extra tough stains! The MIND READER Toilet Brush compliments any bathroom. The holder mimics a basket weave design and features an ivory tone giving it an understated look. It’s pleasing to the eye, but doesn’t call attention to itself.  To top it off, the MIND READER Toilet Brush is odor and stain free. Don’t worry about smells and unsightly discoloration. It’s truly the perfect bathroom cleaning assistant. <strong>Get your MIND READER Toilet Brush and holder. BUY IT NOW. It’s just a click away!

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Get acquainted with the MIND READER Toilet Brush and Holder and you’ll never look back! Simply fill the dispensing handle with toilet bowl cleaner liquid and away you go! It makes light work of cleaning your toilet. You’ll never need another toilet bowl brush again!
  • SPLASH GUARD: The toilet bowl cleaner brush features a splash guard that keeps your hand from making contact with the toilet and keeps the brush hidden when placed in its holder.
  • STAIN AND ODOR RESISTANT: Your toilet bowl and cleaner brush will look good and smell good for years to come!
  • SHED-FREE BRISTLES: The bristles of this toilet scrubber do not shed! No extra mess when cleaning your toilet. There are bristles all around one end of the scrubber allowing you to reach all sides of your toilet.
  • DIMENSIONS: 6 (L) x 6 (W) x 16.5 (H) inches
  • HOLDER INCLUDED: The holder for this toilet brush is included for proper storage and to prevent the spread of germs.
  • DEEP CLEANING: The long bristles are firm enough to scrub off the toughest of stains but soft enough so it doesn’t scratch the ceramic.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Built sturdily so it can withstand some extra elbow grease to get rid of those stubborn stains!
  • STYLISH DESIGN: This toilet bowl brush and holder has an appealing design that would look good in any bathroom. The holder mimics a basket weave design and the ivory tone gives it an understated look.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY BATHROOM: The versatility of this toilet brush with holder makes it suitable for your home, office, schools, restaurants, and more.