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Tiered Letter Tray Document Sorter, Black

Tiered Letter Tray Document Sorter, Black


Sort and store your important documents and supplies in a stylish iron letter tray from Mind Reader Products. Eliminate clutter from your desktop with a convenient desktop letter tray organizer from Mind Reader products. Constructed from long-lasting, reliable iron, this convenient holder helps you sort and stash important documents, files, notebooks, mail, textbooks, or even makeup palettes. The stacked design allows you to easily view what’s stored in each section, so you can find your necessities quickly and with ease, while maintaining your privacy and helping to alleviate clutter. The multi-section horizontal design helps to save additional space with three flat center sections large enough to hold full sheets of A4 paper. These sections provide ample clearance for storing large and small envelopes, file folders, notebooks, and even textbooks, while keeping them at eye level where they’re easily located. The open top tier makes a great place to create a miniature display for small potted plants, letterboards, calendars, or even a desk phone. This stylish organizer makes a great addition to your home office setup, makeup stations, dorm room desktops, or even classrooms. Purge the excess clutter and unsightly stacks of paper by putting this five-sectioned folder holder to work.
As versatile as your priorities, the sturdy iron file organizer from Mind Reader Products puts organization at your fingertips. Materials: Iron.

  • SAVE SPACE - The multi-section design helps to save space on your desk by providing a convenient storage solution for your books, papers, file folders, and more
  • DURABLE DESIGN - The sturdy iron material is reliable and long-lasting to provide full support for your documents, books, and other materials
  • DECLUTTER THE DESK - Eliminate excess clutter and stacks of paper on your desk by using a file holder to sort and organize your important materials. Use the sections to hold folders, large envelopes, books, important documents, and more
  • TOP SHELF - Use the open top tier for storing larger items, or turn it into a place to store small potted plants, your desk phone, calendar, and other items you want to display
  • DIMENSIONS - 9″ L x 12.5″ W x 6.25″ H
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Use this file holder and folder organizer at home to sort mail and important documents, in a dorm room to sort papers and other materials, in the bathroom to sort and store makeup palettes, or in the office to sort your important materials
  • MAKE IT WORK - As versatile as your priorities, this storage solution puts organization at your fingertips

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