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Tea Box Storage Holder with Wood Floral Pattern, Brown

Tea Box Storage Holder with Wood Floral Pattern, Brown


Looking for a tea organizer for your cabinet? Well, look no further. The MIND READER Tea Caddy and Storage Chest is the perfect solution for kitchen drawers that are full to the brim as well as disorganized cabinets and shelves. Not sure how many tea packets you have left? With this wood tea box organizer, you can see immediately how many you have and which flavors. This item also saves you space! You can get rid of tea boxes and any other bulky packaging while avoiding tea bags scattered in an unsightly mess.
This item can also be a tea and coffee organizer to make your caffeine breaks efficient. It’s also wonderful for entertaining guests as a coffee condiment organizer. Store sugar, coffee packets and more! Present the options with flair using this MIND READER Tea Caddy and Storage.
You can use this storage chest for just about anything! This wood storage box is designed with dividers to organize tea, coffee essentials and other small items such as craft supplies. Keep it at home in the kitchen or bring it with you to the office. Its wooden design makes it a great addition to any décor.
The MIND READER Tea Caddy and Storage makes for a great gift as a tea organizer box, sugar packet holder, condiment organizer or storage chest for just about anything!
Whether you want to organize your home pantry, your craft corner or your office beverage cart, this product is the one for you. Get the MIND READER Tea Caddy and Storage while supplies last.

  • GET RID OF CLUTTER: Keep your pantries, shelves or kitchen drawers clutter-free with this wooden tea box.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This wooden chest is more than just a tea bag organizer. It’s great for storing sugar packets, small coffee packets and more! It’s a perfect coffee station organizer or condiment caddy. It can also hold other small items such as jewelry or craft supplies.
  • SPACE-SAVER: With 9 storage compartments, you can get rid of bulky packaging and free up counter or drawer space with this item.
  • STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Made of wood, this item looks wonderful in any kitchen or office. Wood dividers separate your packets or items and keep them organized.
  • DIMENSIONS: 9.45 in. L x 9.25 in. W x 3.15 in. H
  • PRESENTABLE: This item not only helps you stay organized but also provides a beautiful way to present your tea or coffee collection.
  • PERFECT GIFT: It’s a beautiful and practical gift for yourself or for your co-workers and friends.

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