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Wall and Surface Mounted Automatic Cup Dispenser
Wall and Surface Mounted Automatic Cup Dispenser
Wall and Surface Mounted Automatic Cup Dispenser

Wall and Surface Mounted Automatic Cup Dispenser



Mind Reader provides space-saving organizers to make organizing your life easy. Whether you are a small or large company, work at home or just want to get more organized, these organizing caddies and racks work for most work spaces. Mind Reader storage caddies allow you to stack almost anything - disposable coffe and tea cups, lids, utensils, single serve coffee pods, Keurig cups, creamers, tea bags, stirrers, salt & pepper packets, vitamin packets, emergen-C packets, snack bags, chocolates, hot cocoa packets, ketchup and mustard packets that need to be near coffee pots, hot water dispensers and snack machines. Don't limit yourself - use organizing caddies to organize your desk space, break-room, kitchen counter at home, kitchen or office cabinets, dorm rooms and more. You can never have enough storage and organizing solutions for office, hospitality or home use. Space-saving is key to being organized when you have a small space to work with - consider table-top organizers and get creative with storage solutions. Storage caddies and small storage racks are constructed in neutral colors to coordinate or compliment any existing decor. Mind Reader storage, organizing, racks and units are a must-have for any home or office space. Unique Mind Reader home office, entryway, foyer, kitchen, bedroom organizing and storage solutions strive to make your life free from clutter and mess.  Use wall hanging and counter top solutions by Mind Reader to reduce mess from your shelves, cabinets, kitchen table and more. Mind Reader offers space saving solutions for the home office including monitor risers, office space storage, dorm and study space organizers and school and art supply storage. Be creative with storage solutions by Mind Reader at home, in the office or anywhere you need to stay organized and clutter free. Storage and organizing solutions are versatile and unisex for men or woman and can be used for kids and adults where indicated. Small parts should always be kept out of reach of small children. Organizers that hang on the wall keep small hands from touching small objects and give you peace of mind that clutter and small items are out of reach. Mind Reader storage and organizing solutions are designed to help you bring calm and remove clutter - simple solutions for the home or office - adults of all ages can benefit from less clutter and more organization in their lives. Search for Mind Reader home and office organizing and space saving solutions. Have friend who is moving into a new home - consider giving them an assortment of Mind Reader storage and space saving solutions for thier new home - they will certainly appreciate them. 

  • DISPOSABLE COFFEE CUP MAGNETIC DISPENSER: Vertical cup and tower easily attaches to any metal kitchen appliance or metal water dispenser or any other magnetic surface in your kitchen or work space
  • PAPER CUP DISPENSER FOR HOME OR OFFICE : Organize your cups using this all-in-one cup dispenser - keeps cups in one place and helps you to organize your kitchen at home, office kitchen or breakroom - cups stay safely in place until manually removed through the bottom.
  • PERFECT FOR AT HOME, OFFICE, RESTAURANT OR HOSPITALITY: Makes coffee and beverage service areas easy to organize and refill as needed - place near coffee pot, hot water, snack machines or areas where people gather to eat and drink - holds 70-100 small paper or plastic cups.
  • FUN AND EASY FOR KIDS: Attach this dispenser to your kitchen refrigerator by using the included magnet - buy fun decorative paper cups for them to use to get water from the refrigerator as needed - disposable cups sold separately.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Storage organizing cup caddy:  3.5" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 15" (H)
  • EASILY ORGANIZE CUPS WITH TOP FILL AND BOTTOM DISPENSE: Resin material is food safe for kitchens at home or work - cover at the top keeps dirt and dust out - add paper or plastic disposable cups as needed.
  • DURABLE TRANSPARENT DESIGN: It's easy to see through the tube so you know when to refill cups through the top - large capacity cup holder can be used anywhere metal appliances or structure exist.
  • PERFECT FOR DORMS, COLLEGE, CLASSROOM: Perfect for students and teachers in the classroom or dorm room areas - easy to use for young children or adults - internal claw holds cups in place until you pull one out of the bottom.
  • HIGH CAPACITY CUP HOLDER FOR HOME OR OFFICE: Easily holds 70-100 plastic or paper disposable cups - buy fun colors or designs for daycare or classroom use - buy cups in bulk and use this dispenser anywhere the magnet can attach to an appliance or metal unit. (cups sold separately)
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Keep clean with warm water and soap as needed to keep inside and top/bottom opening clean.