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Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece
Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece
Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece
Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece
Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece
Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece
Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece

Stackable Mesh Document Tray, 2 or 4 Piece



Make your own sectional storage arrangement on your desk, counter, or vanity with these wire letter trays from Mind Reader Products.

Eliminate clutter from your desktop with this stylish set of two storage baskets from Mind Reader products. Constructed from durable, reliable wire mesh, these space-saving holders help you sort and stash office supplies, documents, notepads, school supplies, kitchen essentials, or makeup materials. The individual tray design allows you to easily sort and locate whatever you need, precisely when you need it, creating your own storage arrangement using just one or both of the trays. Use these chic, functional organizers to clean up a drawer in your desk; for sorting your spices and condiments in the kitchen or at a coffee station; storing craft supplies, office supplies, and accessories; or even to sort your makeup and other items.

An open-access design with three raised basket edges and one flat edge makes it a breeze for you to organize and store objects that can easily get mixed up or lost when just laying on your counter, so you can more readily keep track of them. Stack both baskets on top of each other to create a tower of organized folders, notebooks, memo pads, documents, and other important items. The sleek black finish makes a stylish addition wherever you choose to position these letter trays, while the mesh design allows you to easily view and locate the contents of each basket.

As versatile as your priorities, this sturdy set of mesh letter trays from Mind Reader Products puts organization at your fingertips.
Dimensions: 10" L x 16.5" W x 2" H (each)
Materials: Wire Mesh

  • TWO WIDE PAPER TRAYS: Paper comes in all shapes and sizes, and the best way to keep your office desk organized and free of clutter is by placing whatever document comes your way inside our wide-open designed stackable paper trays.
  • STACKABLE SPACE SAVER: These trays can be stacked easily on top of each other, which makes these stackable letter tray ideal for organizing your desk while saving you space! Enjoy the freedom of more workspace while you stack our document trays as high as you need to.
  • SIMPLE STORAGE: Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Other desktop organizers have awkwardly shaped compartments and trays that are too small for standard office documents. These metal file organizers are spacious and clean making it easy to sort through your day and access the papers you need.
  • MODERN AESTHETIC: The black metal mesh framing exudes a modern and minimal design aesthetic. This mesh file organizer adds a visually pleasing, clean, and tidy look that fits perfectly in any office setting.
  • SOLID BUILD: Engineered with precision using sturdy high-quality metal. Our inbox tray for your desk is built strong, it's mesh framing resistant to warping or bending. Its heavy-duty design is ready to take on as many stacks of work that you can throw at it.
  • GREAT ORGANIZATION: This desk organizer gives you a better sense of style and organization so you can focus on getting things done, keeping all your important documents in order and in one place.