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Stability Wobble Cushion For Office Chair with Inflation Pump
Stability Wobble Cushion For Office Chair with Inflation Pump
Stability Wobble Cushion For Office Chair with Inflation Pump
Stability Wobble Cushion For Office Chair with Inflation Pump
Stability Wobble Cushion For Office Chair with Inflation Pump

Stability Wobble Cushion For Office Chair with Inflation Pump



Isolate Your Muscles: An excellent workout tool for those who are focused on isolating specific muscles. The balance disc is great for isolating different muscles in your body when training. Great for one leg calf raises, one arm push ups and stationary lunges. With a 13 inch diameter, the discs are designed with ample room to be effective for all types of exercises. Great For Core Training: Shake up your standard workout with the Core Balance Disc from Mind Reader, designed to activate your core muscles and improve overall strength and balance. The unstable surface requires your body to engage all your core muscles for stability, resulting in better strength and toning, coordination, and posture. The 13" diameter makes for a compact and versatile exercise tool that will help increase your fitness level and abilities. Adjustable Inflation: The Mind Reader Wobble Disc Cushion comes with a free inflation pump for filling up the balance disc. Easily inflate or deflate the cushion balance disc to fit your workout needs. Can be easily deflated for storage. Multi-Purpose Wobble Disc: At the gym or at home, use for floor crunches and Pilates abdominal exercises, squats and stationary lunges, or placed under feet during upper body exercises as a balance challenge for greater muscle recruitment and calorie burn. The balance disc can also be used as a seat cushion, ideal for desk users who don't want to sit on a stability ball. It provides the core strengthening and posture benefits of a ball and can be used anywhere. Specifications: Material: PVC. Assembly Required? No assembly is required. Inflation required. INFLATION PUMP INCLUDED 

  • Challenge Your Daily Fitness Routine - A balance disc makes workouts, yoga, pilates, and most exercises routines harder and more effective. The idea is to focus on improving ab strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility while balancing on the wobble cushion.
  • Pain Relief and Support - The wobble cushion provides lower back pain relief from sitting at your office chair or desk chair for a long period of time. The balance cushion can also be placed between you and your office chair for lower back and lumbar support.
  • Children's Wiggle Seat - Sensory cushions have been shown to be an unobtrusive and effective tool to help kids who have issues staying still and focused in the classroom. Suitable for kids with ADHD or ASD as it helps to absorb their energy, thus allows them to sit still for longer and remain concentrated at school.
  • Improves Posture - Ideal for improving your daily posture at your school desk, office or home. Sit on top of the chair cushion for posture enhancement and flexible seating. Perfect lumbar support that can strengthen your core stability.
  • Activate and Strengthen Core Muscles - Maintaining your balance is necessary when sitting on the cushion which makes you strengthen the core muscles in your body.
  • Adjust To Your Liking - It is slightly pre-inflated, but comes with a inflation pump so that you can adjust the inflated level as you wish. Inflation pump is easy to use for your convenience and is included with your purchase.
  • Raised Points and Non-Slip Grip - Raised massage points on one side help improve natural circulation and blood flow while the textured surface on the other side of the balance disc keep the stability cushion in place during your workout.
  • Perfect For Elementary School & Home & Office - Teachers, students and employees at the office can all use the wobble cushion. Kids can use it as a wiggle seat to stay focused, teachers and office employees can use it for stability and core training while at their desk. 13 in Diameter and available in various colors. 
  • Recommend by Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists - The majority of physical therapist and personal trainers will recommend a balance disc in order to challenge yourself in the gym or for relieving neck and back pain. 
  • Dimensions: 13 (L) x 13 (W) x 5 (H)