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Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels
Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels

Slim Rolling Laundry Hamper with Wheels


Gray Metallic

Bring home a Mind Reader collapsible hamper with wheels and make laundry day a breeze. Keep your laundry safely off the floor and carefully contained in this minimalistic, super-slender hamper with a drawstring mesh lid. As spacious as it is stylish, this convenient hamper from Mind Reader assembles in seconds, with no tools required, and offers ample room to hold multiple loads of your unwashed clothing and other laundry at once. The durable metal frame supports the weight of your washing without bending or buckling over time. Ready to get washing? Use the built-in carrying handles or the integrated rolling caster wheels to easily transport your necessities to the laundry room, while the plastic pocket on the side provides you with an easy method of transporting quarters, dryer sheets, detergent pods, keys, and other necessities. The lightweight construction ensures you won’t be overburdened while traveling from your living space to the laundry area, and the sturdy fabric resists moisture, odors, mold, and stains. A mesh drawstring closure ensures your dirty laundry stays out of sight (and smell!) in between loads, making it ideal for dorm rooms, apartments, kids’ rooms, and more.
Lighten your load with a rolling pop-up hamper from Mind Reader Products.

  • MULTI-LOAD CAPACITY - This conveniently large hamper can hold multiple loads of laundry at one time, helping to save space. Enjoy all the storage you need at hand for those heavy-duty laundry days
  • STRONG AND STURDY - Constructed from tough fabric and durable metal rods, this hamper withstands the weight of sorting your dirty laundry without bending or buckling
  • LOW PROFILE - Suited for smaller living spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, and more, this hamper’s ultra-slim profile hides away neatly when not in use. Tuck it into a corner, even in a closet, under a desk, or anywhere else the extra-slender frame fits
  • ON A ROLL - Integrated caster wheels make relocating a full hamper easier than ever. No more hefting a heavy laundry bag over your shoulder--simply grab the built-in handle and pull the unit across the floor with ease
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.5″ L x 15.25″ W x 20.75″ H
  • ODOR PROTECTION - Fabric construction resists mold and stains, and is easy to clean. Moisture-wicking material and a mesh drawstring lid ensure that no one will be able to smell your laundry from the next room
  • CONVENIENT CARRYING - Traveling downstairs with your laundry? The lightweight, durable construction and built-in carrying handle make it more convenient than ever to carry your laundry where it needs to go
  • DAPPER DECOR - Stylish, minimalist design blends with your laundry room, dorm room, apartment, kids’ room, or any other interior decor. Choose from multiple colors to find the hamper that suits you
  • SUPPLY POCKET - Use the plastic pocket on the side to carry dryer sheets, quarters, detergent, or any other necessities that need to make the trip to the laundry room with you

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