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Self-Defense Boxing Training Gloves (Set of 2), Red/Black

Self-Defense Boxing Training Gloves (Set of 2), Red/Black


Practice your punches with a set of Mind Reader training mitts for martial arts, kickboxing, and self defense sparring. While sparring may be intended to practice or simulate combat, you can still sustain very real injuries without the proper safety equipment. Holding up a cushion from home, while a better option than letting your friend kick or punch your open palm, still requires a closed fist, and doesn’t properly diffuse the force of the impact. You could end up with one or more broken fingers trying to create your own safety equipment. A set of punching mitt training pads help to protect you and your sparring partner, regardless of your age or skill level, by providing a safe placement for your open palm, and redistributing the force of the impact.
These durable punching pads from Mind Reader Products feature a pad made of quality, high-density foam that quickly diffuses the force behind your sparring partner’s kicks and/or punches. The glove at the rear provides individual slots for each of your fingers and thumb to maintain open palm stability, while the curved camber design melds with the natural curvature of your palm for comfort. An adjustable strap on top of the glove holds it securely to your hand, ensuring that your partner’s kicks and punches land squarely without sending the mitt flying. Polyurethane leather is cruelty-free and easy to clean, and can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth at the end of your session. Ideal for any sparring partners, friends or family who practice MMA, kickboxing, or other combat sports, or home self-defense training. The colored circles help you improve the accuracy of your kicks and punches. Put your best foot (or fist) forward with these training punch pads from Mind Reader Products. Materials: Polyurethane Leather, High-Density Foam. 

  •  PRACTICE PUNCHES - These durable, absorbent foam pads allow you, your friends, your partner, or your children to practice their martial arts, kickboxing, and other fighting kicks and punches, while foam pads protect your hands
  • PROTECT YOUR PALMS - Individual spots for each of your fingers and thumb makes sure the force and weight of the punch or kick is evenly distributed across the surface of your hand, helping to prevent injury
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The adjustable strap on this punching mitt helps to keep the punching pad securely fastened to your hand, so it won’t slide away with the force of a kick
  • CAREFULLY CURVED - The curved camber design of the mitt conforms to the natural shape of your hand, so you can hold the glove comfortably without awkward, stiff fingers
  • DIMENSIONS - 2″ L x 7.5″ W x 9.25″ H
  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM - Each punch pad is crafted from quality, high-density foam that absorbs the impact and momentum of your sparring partner’s punches or kicks, protecting you both from injury
  • FLEXIBLE USE - Great for practicing MMA, various karate and other martial arts styles, kickboxing, or general self-defense training, suited for improving accuracy and strength of kicks and punches
  • DURABLE PU LEATHER - Cruelty-free polyurethane leather looks stylish, holds up over time, and is easy to clean after your sparring or training sessions with a soft, damp cloth