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Adjustable Height 11"-14.25" Stackable Locker Shelf Organizer

Adjustable Height 11"-14.25" Stackable Locker Shelf Organizer


ORGANIZE YOUR SPACE: Use this sturdy multipurpose shelf to organize your locker at school, the gym, or work; Great for books, backpacks, and any other supplies you need to store and organize. ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Adjustable leg length allows you to tailor the shelf to your needs. Legs extend from 11 inches in height all the way up to 14.25 inches in height. Easy adjust with a push of a button on the bottom of each leg. STACKABLE SPACE: Make the most of your locker space by stacking multiple shelves and creating more space to store your supplies; sold in single units. Stack for extra shelves in your locker or pantry. MODERN DESIGN: Sleek design goes with any look, from simple and practical to modern and stylish; no assembly required at all, ready to use right out of the box. Easily fold and store away when not in use. (Folded Dimensions: 11.4 in. L x 9.5 in. W x 1.5 in. H) UPGRADING YOUR SPACE: Pair with other Mind Reader locker accessories and organization kits to create a stylish, coordinated locker. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Blue. Material: Plastic. Assembly Required? No assembly required, ready to use right out of the box. 

  • Multi-Purpose – Say goodbye to the household clutter with our trusted organizer shelf. It can be used to organize all have sporting equipment, groceries, old toys, and other random objects around the house that need a shelf to be stored on.
  • Stackable - This will also help to support up to 40 lbs. of weight, allowing safe storage of books, bags and other heavy items. Two or more locker shelves can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Built To Last - Adjustable leg length allows you to tailor the shelf to your needs. Weight is evenly distributed throughout each shelf, so shelves won't cave in.
  • No Assembly Required - No assembly is required, no tools need, ready to use right out of the packaging. You can easily make this storage unit work in any room of the house. Stop collecting all the clutter and organize your soon to-be-stored items on the Mind Reader Plastic Locker Organizer Shelf.
  • Adjustable Height - Features two heights that it can be adjusted to, either set up as an 11 in. shelf or make it even taller with 14.25 in. height. 
  • Perfect For Sharing Locker Space - If you or your child are sharing a locker with a gym mate or class mate, this is the perfect solution for sharing your locker space. Add the shelves as dividers for your friend and separate your class or gym belongings.
  • Foldable & Portable - Easily fold the locker shelf organizer by gently sliding the top of the leg outward until you feel the resistance go away. Take it with you on the go or simply store in your locker when not in use. Folded Dimensions: 11.4" L x 9.5" W x 1.5" H
  • Fits Standard Lockers - Our stackable storage shelf fits all standard school and gym lockers. The perfect all purpose organizer for you or your children.
  • Dimensions: 11.5 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 11 (H)

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