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Decorative Bathroom Accessories Box

Decorative Bathroom Accessories Box


Pay your guests a cheeky compliment with the Mind Reader Bathroom Storage Box.
Make your bathroom a delightful destination for friends, family, and other guests with this lighthearted storage box from Mind Reader Products. A storage box of this design helps to keep your clutter neatly contained without spilling out onto your sink and adds an elegant look, while keeping your necessities close at hand. Make sure you can always locate those missing bobby pins, extra toilet paper, or hand soap with a handy, stylish container. Built from natural and sustainable wood materials, this painted black box provides plenty of space for storing your essentials without occupying excess space. Designed to fit neatly onto most toilet tanks or bathroom shelves, you can use it for holding extra toilet paper, first aid supplies, tissues, or other items. The low profile design keeps your bathroom organized while looking great, and the lighthearted sayings painted on the black finish add a humorous note to your bathroom visitations. One side sports the phrase, “Nice Butt,” and the other welcomes you with, “Hello Sweet Cheeks.” Bring it into your home; give it to a friend or family member; or use it as your gift for a white elephant exchange. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this rustic storage container. Turn the other cheek on your guests with this clever storage box for your bathroom from Mind Reader Products.

  • GET CHEEKY - Give your guests an unexpected chuckle with the cleverly printed slogans on this storage box, both ideal for bathroom use: Nice Butt and Hello Sweet Cheeks
  • TOILET TOPPER - Low profile, lightweight design makes a perfect addition to your home, fitting neatly on top of most toilet tanks or on a bathroom shelf
  • VERSATILE USE - Equally well-suited to holding extra rolls of toilet paper, boxes of tissues, cosmetic supplies, or bottles of hand soap, so you can find use for it anywhere in your bathroom
  • CONFINE CLUTTER - Keep your bathroom looking organized by containing miscellaneous clutter within this attractive storage box
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.25″ L x 13″ W x 2.75″ H
  • DELIGHTFUL DESIGN - Add humor and style to your bathroom decorations with this unique, stylish box, featuring a vintage painted wood design that looks great wherever you place it
  • WOODEN WONDER - Crafted from natural, sustainable wood, this rustic storage box resists moisture and warping, making it an excellent addition to your restroom
  • GREAT GIFT - Bless the bathroom of your friends or family members, or bring this to a white elephant gift exchange