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Rolling Adjustable Height Desk, White

Rolling Adjustable Height Desk, White


Improve your digital workspace with a Mind Reader adjustable height and width desk. One of the most difficult struggles when working from home is finding a suitable location to work, then maintaining that space throughout the day. Sometimes you don’t have a dedicated desk and computer setup, or you may just want to work from somewhere different for a while. This adjustable sitting and standing desk from Mind Reader products makes it easy to create a flexible workspace situation wherever the mood strikes you. The versatile functionality makes it easy for you to position it over your bed, or use it independently as a mobile desk. 360° rolling casters make it easy to relocate the desk wherever you need it, while the locks on each wheel ensure that your Mind Reader desk remains securely in place once you’re situated. The adjustable width allows the desk to extend and roll over beds, so you can work from the bedroom or family room. The raised edges around three sides keep supplies in place, while a series of stylized cutouts allow for attractive and efficient cable management for whatever electronics you may use. Need to change positions and get on your feet for a while, or simply have a taller bed to fit the frame over? Adjust the height from 27″-36.5″ and use the desk as a standing desk. When you’re done, roll it away until you need it again. The stylish wood finish and white powder-coating make this Mind Reader adjustable desk a home workstation essential. Materials: Powder-Coated Steel, Particle Board.

  • RISE UP - Use your variable height and width workstation as a sitting or standing desk with adjustable height levels from 27″-38.5″.
  • VARIABLE WIDTH - Can be used independently as a sitting or standing desk, or adjust the width to fit over your bed and work from there!
  • A FINE FIT - The stylish wood finish on the desk and white powder-coated steel supports make a clean addition to any living room, home office, or dorm room.
  • DON’T ROLL AWAY - Each of the four casters is equipped with a locking lever, so you can keep the desk firmly in place when needed. Lock two and use the others to pivot, or unlock all four when you need to move the desk.
  • DIMENSIONS - 17.75″ L x 53.5″ - 63.5″ W x 27″ - 38.5″ H
  • MULTI-USE - The unique design allows this table to be used for serving meals, doing work, even just reading a book or magazine comfortably from a couch, bed, or armchair.
  • STORE IT - The standing/sitting desk can easily be rolled into a corner or put away when you’re finished using it, making it great for flexible workspaces like living rooms, dens, family rooms, etc.
  • COORDINATED CABLES - Open hole slots surrounding the three raised edges allow for efficient cable management of laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices.