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Resistance Band Set (11 pcs), Multicolor

Resistance Band Set (11 pcs), Multicolor


Add a Mind Reader stackable resistance band set to your home fitness routine today and stretch your way to a stronger body. This multi-piece resistance band set allows you to create your own various types of resistance workouts, with multiple arrangements of bands that can be clipped together to a handle, ankle strap, or door anchor. Hold one handle in each hand and stretch the tubing across your chest, behind the back, or using a foot to stretch out the central tubing, to target unique muscle groups and develop muscle strength over time. This unique set of bands and anchors is as customizable as your workout routine. The Mind Reader resistance band set features five separate pieces of rubber tubing with locking clips at each end that can be used independently for resistance stretching exercises around the arms or legs. Attach multiple tubes to a handle or door anchor to increase the resistance as you build up strength over time to continue developing your muscle strength. The lightweight, durable composition and nylon storage bag make this set of efficient workout tools highly portable, so you can take your workout to the office, or even pack it in your suitcase for travel usage. Develop your home fitness with a complete customizable resistance band kit from Mind Reader products. Materials: Rubber, Foam, Metal. Included Pieces: 5x Resistance Bands. 1x Door Anchor, 2x Foam Handles, 2x Ankle Straps, 1x Nylon Storage Bag

  • BUILD THAT BOD - Target chest, arms, shoulders, upper back, and other muscle groups with a customized stretching routine using these variable tension straps and handles.
  • FIRM HOLD - The ergonomic clip-on handles provide comfortable backing during your workout, while a no-slip grip maintains that support even if your palms get damp.
  • FLEXIBLE FUNCTIONS - Utilize the resistance bands independently; connect them to the door using a door anchor to practice standing splits and other yoga poses; or connect the ankle straps or handles to do chest-expanding or leg-strengthening exercises.
  • TAILORED TRAINING - Stackable bands easily build complete upper body strength by putting the power of weight control in your hands. Add one band to the handle, or stack all five for a major increase in resistance tension. The locking clips ensure that the bands only detach when you want them to.
  • DIMENSIONS - 0.25″ L x 47.75″ W x 0.75″ D (straps)
  • AVOID RECOIL - The latex composition ensures that these stretchable resistance bands won’t wear out or change shape over time, or recoil and pinch your hair and skin the way metal stretchers do.
  • TAKE WORKOUTS ON THE GO - Don’t weigh down your luggage with bulky dumbbell sets; this chest expander travels easily and provides muscle-building resistance without adding extra weight in your suitcase.
  • KEEP IT LIGHT - A nylon carry bag and the durable, lightweight construction make this resistance band kit ultra portable and great for indoor or outdoor use by adults of all training levels.