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Portable Lap Desk with Cushion, Machine Washable, Denim Blue

Portable Lap Desk with Cushion, Machine Washable, Denim Blue


A Great Traveling Buddy: Make sure you have one for everyone In your home to make traveling for pleasure or business more enjoyable on the go. Road trips in the car or traveling by train Or plane just got more comfortable. Multi-Functional Cushion: Not only is the Mind Reader Lap Desk Cushion great for your laptop as a lap stand, but it is also great for holding up your books when reading. Can be used as a tablet stand for your iPad or Kindle books. An excellent workstation when writing notes in your book. Can even be used as a serving tray if you turn the cushion upside down so the surface is flat. Easily Washable: The Mind Reader Lap Cushion comes with a removable cover that can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Simply zipper off the cover and begin to wash it just like your normal piece of colors in the laundromat. Let it air dry, then zipper your cover back on while it is fresh and clean. Perfect For Adults and Children Of All Ages: Whether you're enjoying family fun at home or having breakfast in bed, The Mind Reader Lap Top Cushion makes it easy. Simply use it as a lap desk cushion or use it as a serving tray. Specifications: Color: Denim Blue. Material: Foam. Assembly Required? No assembly required.

  • Portable Multi-Functional LapDesk - Two easy carrying handles on the side of the lap cushion allows for endless uses anywhere in your home, office, dorm, automobile, camper, mobile home, classroom and much more. 
  • Laptop Stand - The perfect cushion for your laptop while sitting down on your couch or in the car and on the go. Hands free laptop table, place the cushion on your lap and your laptop on top of the cushion for a comfortable working experience.
  • Tablet Stand - Easily place your tablet on the lap cushion and view it at an optimal viewing angle while on the couch, on your bed, or in the car. Conveniently holds your tablet for you so you can use your hands for other things such as eating snacks or drinking water. 
  • Book Stand - Excellent for college students who spend long nights studying for exams or pop quizzes. Place your book or school work on top of the lap cushion for optimal viewing angle while reading or working. 
  • Keyboard Cushion - Sometimes when you are sitting at your desk it can be tiresome on your eyes to sit too close to the screen. With our keyboard cushion you can now move a few steps back from the computer screen and not worry about your keyboard being an issue. Pull your keyboard away from the screen and place it on the lap cushion while you give your eyes a break. 
  • Designed For Comfort - Designed to provide optimal comfort while you're working, eating or watching entertainment. Over stuffed foam cushion provides continuous stability and comfort.
  • 2 Side Handles - Equipped with 2 handles on the side for easy portability. Flip the lap cushion upside down and use it as a serving tray for small food dishes. Perfect for long road trips in the car or plane rides where you need an extra cushion.
  • Machine Washable - Easy to clean and maintain. Cover can be completely removed and cleaned in your standard washing machine unit at home or at the laundry mat. Simply un-zipper the cover and throw it in the washing machine for easy and safe cleaning.
  • Travel Friendly - The 2 convenient carrying handles make the lap cushion stand a travel essential. Great for IPA, tablets, E-readers, smartphones, magazines, books, laptops, and more! Read books or watch shows on the go without neck & hand strain. Road trips in the car, on the plane, or traveling by train are now more comfortable with the lap cushion. 
  • Dimensions: 12.5 (L) x 16.25 (W) x 6.25 (H)