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Plush PV Fur Rug, Non-Slip, Soft Shag, Vegan Materials, 4′ x 5′ Blue

Plush PV Fur Rug, Non-Slip, Soft Shag, Vegan Materials, 4′ x 5′ Blue


Add comfortable elegance to your home or office with a Mind Reader Plush PV Fur Rug.
Adding an area rug to your home or office makes a great way to instantly elevate your interior design to the next level. While some low-pile rugs look great, their utilitarian design can often be uncomfortable for walking, standing, sitting, or relaxing. A higher pile carpet helps to create a comfortable, cozy environment for you, your guests, and your friends or family members, while also blending beautifully with a variety of decorative styles. These cozy carpets from Mind Reader Products are created without cruelty, using only synthetic materials to provide the luxury and elegance that makes fur rugs so desirable.
This stylish fur carpet adds a warm, fluffy cover to your floor, or can be draped over a chair or couch to accent the room. The luxurious material provides a satisfyingly plush surface for you, whether you’re walking over it or reclining in front of a fireplace or television for movie night. An anti-skid textured backing underneath the carpet grips smooth or hardwood floors to create a non-slip grip for your safety and convenience, and the rug can be easily vacuumed, spot-cleaned, hand- or machine-washed to remove dirt and stains. Whether you’re using it at home, in the office, or in a family room or bedroom, these area rugs make an ideal addition for premium style and satisfaction.
Create cozy comfort without cruelty using a faux PV fur area rug from Mind Reader Products.
Dimensions: 47.91" L x 63.58" W x 1.57" H
Materials: Polyester

  • SOFT AND WARM - Fluffy synthetic high-pile fur creates a soft, comfortable surface for you and your friends, family, or guests, great for both walking or relaxing on it
  • NON-SLIP BACKING - The textured backing on this area rug helps to grip any smooth surface on which you might place it to prevent against slipping or sliding as you walk
  • LONG-LASTING DESIGN - The synthetic fibers on this fluffy carpet do not break down at the same rate as real animal fur, providing you with a durable and long-lasting product
  • ELEGANT ACCENT - Available in a variety of bold colors and sizes, these fashionable rugs work well with a variety of interior decoration themes, from cottagecore to cozy cabin chic
  • DIMENSIONS - 47.91" L x 63.58" W x 1.57" H
  • VERSATILE STYLE - These area rugs can add style and elegance to your decor when draped over a couch or chair, accent the office, or help to muffle sound in rooms with a heavy echo
  • CRUELTY-FREE - Created entirely from synthetic materials, these rugs are ideal for vegans, vegetarians, or those who simply prefer to not keep real animal fur in their homes
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN - The premium materials used for this upscale carpet require no complicated cleaning, and can be vacuumed, washed by hand, or in a washing machine (for best results, we recommend air or line drying)

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