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Plastic Collapsible Dog Stairs for Small Animals to Reach Couch or Bed, Carpeted, Non-Slip, Brown

Plastic Collapsible Dog Stairs for Small Animals to Reach Couch or Bed, Carpeted, Non-Slip, Brown


Assist small or senior pets with climbing using Mind Reader Collapsible Pet Stairs.
Many of our precious pets struggle to reach elevated surfaces for a variety of reasons: senior pets with arthritis or other health issues; disabled animals who require mobility assistance; and smaller breeds that simply can’t jump very high. These beloved friends may need increased assistance with reaching places like window sills, beds, countertops, and seat cushions. Providing a sturdy set of pet stairs allows these animals to maintain independence and reach their favorite spots with minimal or no assistance.
This sturdy plastic staircase features a layer of thick, textured carpet covering on each stair. The carpeting protects your pets and helps them maintain a secure grip as they ascend or descend the ramp. Elevated railings on either side also assist with preventing accidental falls. After using the staircase, collapse it down, then tuck it away under the bed, in a drawer, or other areas with limited storage space. Purchase one set of stairs to position as needed around the house, or buy multiple sets to improve pet accessibility throughout your home. Give your pets freedom to reach their favorite places with this set of pet stairs from Mind Reader Products.

  • CLIMB WITH EASE - Enable pets with small legs, injuries, or chronic illnesses to reach furniture, food dishes, or the bed, without having to jump
  • ANTI-SLIP CARPETING - The thick, textured carpet covering on the hardwood ramp helps to prevent slipping and sliding, so your pets feel safe going up and down the ramp, with raised railings on either side to prevent falls
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Grant your pets access to furniture and surfaces of varying sizes by positioning this staircase wherever it’s needed most, so they can climb up to their favorite places with comfort and ease
  • PROTECT PAWS - Provides a soft surface for your pets’ delicate paw pads by covering the plastic steps with a dense layer of low-pile carpet
  • DIMENSIONS - 24.5″ L x 15″ W x 18.5″ H
  • CONVENIENTLY COLLAPSIBLE - Store this ramp when you need to put it away by collapsing it down, making it easy to tuck away under a bed, in a closet, or in spaces with limited storage
  • ARTHRITIS ASSISTANCE - Encourage independence in your senior pet by providing them a manageable method of getting up and down from their favorite perches without needing to jump or climb