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Pet Washing and Scrubber Spray with Flexible Hose Attachment

Pet Washing and Scrubber Spray with Flexible Hose Attachment


Create a soothing grooming experience for you and your pet with a Mind Reader Scrubber and Sprayer Tool. Regular bathing is important for humans’ wellbeing and health, and equally so for our furry family members. For some pets, this provides increased stress and anxiety, and spraying down our beloved friends with a garden hose often feels harsh and unwelcome. Trying to keep control of a pet with one hand while using the showerhead to rinse them off can be a messy affair and leave you, your carpets, and your surroundings soaked. This convenient tool removes the stress from scrubbing down your pet and provides a soothing bath experience--for both of you. The unique design of this flexible attachment can connect to either your outdoor garden hose or indoor showerhead, allowing you to bathe your pet where it’s most convenient. Once connected to either option, while the water is running, you can strap your hand to the glove, then use the central palm button to turn the spray on or off. This handy (no pun intended) grooming tool produces a gentle massaging spray that you hold in your palm, allowing you to use both hands to control and bathe your pet. Lather and rinse their fur with ease, using the textured glove surface to gently scrub away dirt and dander. When finished, tap the button to turn off the water from the glove, shut off the faucet, and disconnect the attachments. It’s that easy! Properly pamper your pet with a scrubbing and spraying glove from Mind Reader Products.

  • SOFT SCRUBBING - Rather than directly spraying your pet with the garden hose or showerhead, give them a gentle bathing massage with this unique scrubbing tool that attaches to your hose
  • MAINTAIN CONTROL - Strap the scrubber directly to your palm, allowing you to use both hands to control your pet’s movements while still rinsing and washing their fur
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The ergonomic design and adjustable strap comfortably fits hands of all sizes, allowing you to bathe even an anxious pet while maintaining physical contact
  • MASSAGING SPRAYERS - The individual spray heads and raised massagers on this tidy tool produce a soothing scrub and spray combination that relaxes your pet while also helping to coax dirt and dander from their skin and fur
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.87″ L x 7.87″ W x 1.97″ H
  • ONE-TOUCH OPERATION - Use the central button on the palm to turn the flow of water on and off with a single touch, so you don’t have to let go of your pet to fiddle with knobs
  • FROM FIDO TO FLUFFY - This convenient pet grooming tool works on furry friends of most breeds and sizes, including dogs and cats both large and small
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE - Includes adapters for your showerhead or garden hose, so you can wash your pet in the place they’re most comfortable