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250-Capacity One-Touch Straw Holder Dispenser, Black

250-Capacity One-Touch Straw Holder Dispenser, Black


Dispense straws in style with a touchless tissue holder from Mind Reader Products.
Designed from durable, lightweight materials, this product can be easily placed atop any flat, compatible surface in your home, office breakroom, or classroom where access to straws is desired. Offer your friends, family, students, guests, or employees convenient access to up to 250 straws in a single dispensing unit. Save space and keep clutter off your countertops by storing your individually wrapped straws in this handy storage solution that looks stylish and makes a great addition to your home or office. This solution provides a single straw at a time via a lever at the bottom, making it easy for employees, guests, and students to get straws without needing to reach into a container with their hands and possibly contaminate multiple items. The faux wood, matte black dispenser keeps your straws, both wrapped and unwrapped, clean and free from dirt or dust accumulation by stashing them inside an enclosed compartment, and allows you to easily view the amount remaining by lifting the top lid. A top-fill, bottom-dispense design gives easy access for adults and children alike, so kids can fetch their own straws and have fun doing it. If sticky fingers leave some residue behind, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and cleaning solution, and you’re back in business. Works great in your home, office, restaurant, break room, or classroom, and compatible with straws of all materials, including paper, silicone, plastic, and acrylic. Add a one-touch straw dispenser to your home or business today and beautify your storage solutions. Materials: Acrylic

  • STRAW DISPENSER - This easy-to-use straw dispenser can be easily placed on surfaces in your home, office, bathroom, or breakroom, and quickly dispenses single straws, wrapped or unwrapped, with a single touch
  • TABLETOP TREASURE - This freestanding straw dispenser can easily be placed on top of your restaurant, bar, or picnic table, or at a beverage station in your office, or even on a desk in the classroom
  • TOP FILL - Simply lift off the top lid and refill this container with 100-250 large or small straws; the unit can easily dispense regular straws, coffee stirrers, or even thick milkshake and bubble tea straws
  • ONE-TAP DISPENSE - No need for messy, clumsy glass straw carousels, or open-access bins where customers can contaminate multiple straws while reaching in; simply press the lower dispensing lever and one straw immediately drops out
  • DIMENSIONS: 4.5″ L x 9.25″ W x 7″ H
  • VINTAGE DESIGN - The vintage matte black faux wood design looks great on your restaurant or diner tabletop, picnic table, or even in your kitchen or an office break room, wherever you need
  • DURABLE DUTY - The strong, lightweight materials provide sturdy support for up to 250 straws at a time, while protecting your straws from bacteria, dust, and other contaminants
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wipe down the inside and outside of this unit with warm water and soap as needed to keep it clean

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