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Tennis Ball Roller Collector for 60 Balls

Tennis Ball Roller Collector for 60 Balls


Make your tennis practice ten times easier with this tennis ball mower collector or mower collector with stand!. While practicing your backhand, you will no longer have to run after the tennis ball and pick them up one by one. With this Tennis ball roll you can simply mow over the tennis court and collect the tennis balls quicker. Make your tennis practice enjoyable!

  • Lightweight Design - Its light weight design allows you to transport this tennis ball holder easily from place to place
  • Time Saver - Allows you to cut your tennis practice time down significantly. Making your tennis practice more enjoyable.
  • Tennis Ball Holder - Allows you to collect tennis balls & collect them & hold them all in one place.
  • No Back Strain - With this tennis ball collector, it saves you from the stress on your back. Preventing you from having to bend over to collect your tennis balls.
  • Capacity - Holds up to 60 tennis balls at once. Allowing you to collect 60 tennis balls before emptying them out.
  • Dimensions:  12.60 (L) x  17.52 (W) x  40.55 (H)