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Memory Foam Body Pillow for Size Sleepers, Multiple Sizes

Memory Foam Body Pillow for Size Sleepers, Multiple Sizes


Get a Mind Reader shredded memory foam body pillow and say hello to your new bedtime bestie. Side sleepers know the struggle of trying to stay comfortable all night long. Frequent side sleeping without sufficient support can position the knees at awkward angles, resulting in hip and lower back pain the next day. Trying to support your knees, your head, and your upper body often turns into a bizarre arrangement of multiple pillows, which can shift and fall off the bed during the night. Pregnant women, especially in the later trimesters, often find themselves in a similar predicament. Body pillows provide a great support system to alleviate the pressure and discomfort of side sleeping and pregnancy sleeping, in one long pillow that supports your whole body. This Mind Reader body pillow provides an added level of comfort and support through the shredded memory foam filling. The lightweight, breathable foam cushions and conforms to your body’s shape and can be molded as needed to the ideal companion for sleeping. Hypoallergenic filling and a soft air-knitted cover ensure that even the most sensitive sleepers can enjoy this premium pillow. Stay supported while you sleep with a Mind Reader shredded memory foam body pillow. Materials: Shredded Memory Foam, 100% Polyester.

  • PLEASE NOTE - Your Mind Reader shredded memory foam arrives compressed and will need time to air out and regain its proper shape and size. To expedite this process, you can put in the dryer on medium or low heat for 20 minutes, or just leave it out overnight.
  • FULL-BODY SUPPORT - The extra-large size of this pillow provides more support than other smaller pillows that only cushion knees or arms. Support your whole body with one pillow, rather than arranging multiple pillows to create a comfortable sleeping system.
  • CUSHIONED COMFORT - Shredded memory foam provides hypoallergenic, moldable support and cushioning for relaxing or sleeping at night.
  • SOFT AND SNUGGLY - The smooth, 100% polyester, air-knitted fabric complements the lightweight shredded filling, making your body pillow great for use even without a special cover.
  • PERFECT PREGNANCY COMPANION - Ideal for pregnant women trying to sleep or just relax comfortably, this full-length body pillow offers cushioned, safe support and relief from aches and pains. Also great for side sleepers!
  • YEAR-ROUND COMFORT - The breathable shredded memory foam filling allows air to pass through easily, creating a cool sleeping environment, and making the body pillow great for use in hot or cold weather.
  • DIMENSIONS: L-Shaped: 6″ L x 14″ W x 50.5″ D, Body PIllow: 7″ L x 28″ W x 57.5″ D

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