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Mind Reader Productivity Timer, Four Time Settings, 2 Volume Settings, Portable, Motiviating, Versatile, Set of Two, Red and Green

Mind Reader Productivity Timer, Four Time Settings, 2 Volume Settings, Portable, Motiviating, Versatile, Set of Two, Red and Green

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Two Pack

Hack Your Productivity

These timers offer four different time settings (5, 10, 20 and 30 minutes), unlike manual timers, making it easy to set. The product features an on/off switch and a high and low volume setting. Simply slide it on and place the desired time setting face up to start the timer.

This is a great tool to stay away from your phone when trying to be productive. Many people use timers on their phones but can easily be distracted by setting the timer and keeping track of it. This timer helps you avoid your phone altogether, making it exceptionally convenient and supportive for efficient focus.

The timer requires 2-AAA batteries which are not supplied. There are two different volume settings, however, it should be noted that the device can be very loud when the timer goes off.

Timers are especially great for teaching children time management skills and getting them to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Whether it be for recess, chores, a quick homework break, these timers are perfect for making it fun to stay on top of things.

If you're someone who struggles with procrastination, this product can make it fun to hack your own productivity. By setting the timer, you can feel a healthy sense of pressure to check off that to-do list for a certain amount of time, making it much more difficult to leave things for the last minute.

Additionally, the timer can be a great resource for those instructing fitness classes or working out on their own time. You can see the clock ticking down, which can be a great motivator and an even better way to stay consistent and timely.

With its modern design, this timer is perfect on the go or as a statement item for your desk in the office or home. Its design makes it easy to locate if lost but still small enough to put wherever you need it. Since the timer has gravity beads, refrain from shaking the timer as it will emit a small beeping noise. Be sure to keep away from small children. Keep the area you place the timer clean to avoid complications.

  • Easy to program: Unlike manual timers, these timers offer four different time settings and two volume levels to pick from, making them easy to apply to all different areas of your life
  • Great for people with ADHD: Timing yourself when you need to do tasks during the day can be a great way to stay focused and accomplish more
  • Four Time Settings: These timers have four time settings to choose from; 5, 10, 20, and 30 minutes; perfect for all of your timing needs
  • Versatile: You can time anything— whether it’s brushing your teeth, working on an assignment, a piano lesson, exercise, or banana bread in the oven, the timers can be used frequently throughout your daily life for many different purposes
  • The perfect size: This 0.15-lb compact cube-shaped timer measures 2.55 long x 2.55 wide x 2.55 inches in height (6.47 x 6.47 x 6.47 centimeters), making it easy to bring with you anywhere you may need it
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