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Mind Reader Network Collection, Metal Mesh Monitor Stand with Drawer Organizer, and 3 Tier Steel Mesh Paper Tray Desk Organizer, Black 2 Pc Set

Mind Reader Network Collection, Metal Mesh Monitor Stand with Drawer Organizer, and 3 Tier Steel Mesh Paper Tray Desk Organizer, Black 2 Pc Set

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Instantly improve your work experience with DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT monitor stands and computer risers. Use with most flat screen display monitors or televisions, laptops, printers and more - they are stylish and neutral in design so they will coordinate with most furniture at work, within your home office or dorm room décor. A great way to reduce STRESS, NECK AND BACK PAIN - Raise computer monitors, laptops and tv displays to a comfortable viewing position for more optimal work conditions while improving neck position - helps to reduce back pain caused by poor posture while working or watching tv. SLIP AND SKID RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION keeps units still while you work. SPACE SAVING A PLUS - additional organizational space is always a benefit, even if it's just find room for your pencils, pens and post-its. Looking for a place for your keyboard or papers, slide them underneath most risers to create additional organization for yourself. PERFECT FOR HOME AND OFFICE USE: Enjoy improved performance and work efficiencies with these monitor or tv stands while you work or watch tv - LED, LCD, OLED Flat Screen Displays, desktop PCs, and more PLUS Storage. LIFT YOUR TV, MONITOR AND COMPUTER: Computer and monitor risers create additional storage on your desk, table or home entertainment furniture by raising your device off of the surface - store magazines, pencils, paper and more underneath. ORGANIZATIONAL and VERSATILE: Improve overall organization on your desk or home office - add more desk surface by lifting your monitor up onto a desktop or tabletop stand - store pens, pencils and office supplies under. REDUCE EYE STRAIN: Creating an optimal work or entertainment viewing experience is critical for eye, neck and back strain - sitting at the recommended distance from your device will help to reduce pain due to poor posture. STUDENT MUST HAVE: The perfect addition to any dorm room - create a comfortable and safe study environment for hours of studying on computer or tablet device or for TV viewing with friends. Monitor or computer risers are always EASY TO CARE FOR AND CLEAN. Clean your monitor stand risers with a damp cloth for long lasting use. These monitor or tv screen stands make great gifts for the holidays, people who work at home or students going off to college. Perfect for all ages and guys and gals, computer stands or risers can be used in any room in your home. Lift things off the counter in the kitchen to create more space and organize your recipes underneath and place tv or iPad for easy viewing while cooking on top. Perfect for the bedroom to raise your tv to the right viewing height. They make a great back to college gift for students or first time students going off to school. Heavy Duty metal, resin or plastic risers will best suit your monitor and laptop needs. Compatible with most major brands of monitors, laptops, and desktop PCs. Perfect for bedroom, media room, home theater room, kitchen, home office and more. Risers have unlimited uses so be creative and optimize your space. Office managers should consider computer and monitor risers for office workers when buying office supplies. Make a great gift!

2 PIECE SET MEASURES: Mind Reader computer riser stand measures approximately 20" wide x 11.5" long x 5.6" high - 3 Tier paper holder is 11.5" wide x 13.75" long x 10.25" tall. Use in your media room, home office, bedroom or anywhere you have computers, TVs or monitors.

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