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Mind Reader Network Collection, Storage Basket, Kitchen, Desk, Makeup Organizer, Metal Mesh

Mind Reader Network Collection, Storage Basket, Kitchen, Desk, Makeup Organizer, Metal Mesh

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Simple, Versatile Storage

Discover the ultimate storage solution with this multi-purpose mesh basket organizer. Its metal mesh construction and compact design make it versatile enough for any room or area requiring organization. Use it in your kitchen to store utensils, spices, and cooking essentials, or in your bathroom for hand towels, toiletries, and more.

The see-through mesh and slide-out drawers allow for smooth, quick access to your items. If spills occur, simply clean it with mild soap, water, and a soft towel.

This organizer is also perfect for your office space. Effortlessly store essential office supplies, memo pads, and desk items, or place it in the breakroom as a convenient storage solution for condiments and kitchen essentials. Its slim design fits easily within cabinets, ensuring efficient use of space.

Wherever you choose to place it, the durable rubber feet will prevent slippage, ensuring your items remain securely in place on any surface.

  • Versatile organizer: Simplify storage solutions with this basket organizer, and use it in your office, kitchen, bathroom, or inside cabinets
  • Easy to use: Equipped with two sliding drawers, the metal mesh construction allows you to slide out drawers quickly and easily
  • Lightweight with a modern aesthetic: At only 2.2 pounds (1 kg), this organizer is simple to move when needed, and its metal mesh construction stands up to everyday use
  • Secure storage: Rubber feet prevent the organizer from moving or sliding around
  • Dimensions: The organizer measures 12.5 long x 8.25 wide x 12.5 inches tall (31.75 x 20.95 x 31.75 centimeters), which makes for easy placement anywhere you need to declutter


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