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Mind Reader Bali Collection, 3-Tier Graduated Bamboo Drying Rack, Brown

Mind Reader Bali Collection, 3-Tier Graduated Bamboo Drying Rack, Brown

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Convenient and Stylish Drying Rack
Weighing 5.4 lbs. (2.4 kg), this drying rack is extremely portable and simple to set up for different functionalities. Use it to dry clothes that are too delicate for the dryer, place it poolside to have your beach towels within your reach, or use it to dry and store towels in your bathroom. Its natural bamboo finish is durable, yet lightweight enough to move around.

Multi-tiered storage levels allow you to reach for your towels or other items easily, and the spacing prevents items from dragging on the floor or touching each other. There are three spacious tiers you can use to drape several different towels, types of clothing, or a mixture of the two. A shelf at the bottom allows for extra storage. You can hang your used pool towels on the tiers to dry and have unused ones stored on the bottom shelf for guests.

You can also store or dry quite a few things, as this rack has a weight limit of 11 lbs (5 kg) per tier (for a total of 33 pounds and 72.8 kg overall), and the bottom shelf has a weight limit of 3.1 lbs. (15 kg).

This drying rack makes a great gift for new homeowners, those just moving into an apartment, or anyone who needs drying and storage solutions by the pool, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom.

  • Freestanding design: Unlike drying racks that fold and are cumbersome, this rack is freestanding for more stability
  • Multi-function capacity: Use this graduated rack for towel or clothes drying, or use it as a rack to store and showcase quilts
  • Stylish design: With a natural bamboo finish, this drying rack works well with the existing decor in your bathroom or laundry room
  • Durable and easy to clean: This stable drying rack is simple to clean with a damp cloth and mild dish soap
  • Dimensions: This rack measures 11.8 long x 20.3 wide x 33 inches tall (30 x 51.6 x 83.8 centimeters) with a vertical design that fits well anywhere
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