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Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Portable Laptop Desk with Handle and Built-in Cushions

Mind Reader Anchor Collection, Portable Laptop Desk with Handle and Built-in Cushions

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A Desk That Travels with You
Whether you're a frequent flier or a pajama-clad remote worker, you probably often find yourself in need of more desk space. This portable laptop desk gives you the surface space you need. The cushioned base of the lap desk provides comfort, and the desk acts as a barrier between a hot laptop and your lap.

The lap desk is convenient for getting work done. Bring this desk to meetings and make notes on a tablet keyboard. The portable desk is also handy for business and leisure travel. It can easily be stashed in a backpack or tote bag, and the handle makes it easy to carry. Give your back a break by taking your laptop desk with you to your favorite couch at home, too.

The portable lap desk is not just for work: use it during movie night to hold your snacks, or work on your art projects from your most comfortable seat. The lap desk makes a perfect gift for college students to use for homework, dorm room meals, and lecture hall note taking. If dad or grandpa loves his recliner chair, this lap desk would be a great gift so he can do newspaper crosswords or enjoy a snack from the comfort of his favorite chair.

  • Multi-purpose function: Use the cushioned lap desk for road trips, class notes, work from home, and movie watching
  • Save time: Increase your productivity while on-the-go with a portable workspace
  • Stylish design: The sleek minimalistic design in neutral black goes with many laptop styles and fits under your couch or bed when not in use
  • Durable and easy to clean: The sturdy, smooth plastic surface of the desk is easy to wipe clean with a wet or dry cloth
  • Dimensions: The laptop desk is 12.5 long x 17 wide x 2.5 inches tall (31.75 long x 43.18 wide x 6.35 cm tall)
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