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Mind Reader Alloy Collection, Coat and Shoe Rack with 4 Multi-functional Hooks, 3 Shelves and a Top Hanging Rod, Metal, Black

Mind Reader Alloy Collection, Coat and Shoe Rack with 4 Multi-functional Hooks, 3 Shelves and a Top Hanging Rod, Metal, Black

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A standing coat rack with storage! The MIND READER Coat and Shoe Rack is your organizational dream come true! Unlike traditional coat racks, this product does not require drilling or attaching to walls. It’s free-standing and movable. This is perfect for apartments! Great for just about anywhere! It’s also great for just about anything! This coat stand can hang coats, clothes, accessories and more. And since it’s a coat rack with shelves—3 tiers to be exact—it delivers where traditional coat racks can’t. Use the racks as a 3 tier shoe rack or shoe shelf to store books, magazines and other small items. At 12.5 x 24.2 inches, this coat rack stand takes up a small amount of space while it organizes a large amount of items. It’s perfect for use in the home as a landing area for your items and for your guests’ belongings. Use it as an entryway shoe rack so you can find your shoes easily. The morning rush out the door will be a piece of cake by using the MIND READER Coat and Shoe Rack as a place to store your essentials like coats, purses, keys and more. Use it in the bedroom as a clothing rack with shelves. Use this rack to hang your outfit for the next day or as a place to hang your robes. Run out of closet space? You can use this item as an extra place to store or display your clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s also great for school or office use as a hat stand or a coat and shoe rack for your students or clients’ belongings. Weight Capacity: 33.07lb. This free-standing coat rack has two levels of hooks for double the hanging space. Each hook comes with a safety knob to keep your coats and clothes free from any damage. This product is made of metal so it’s durable and easy to clean. Just use soap and water and wipe clean! It’s the organizational solution you’ve been looking for! Get a MIND READER Coat and Shoe Rack today!

  • FREE-STANDING: This coat rack is free-standing and movable. Unlike coats racks that are wall mounted, there is no need to damage your walls. Place anywhere and move as desired.
  • THREE-TIER SHELVES: This coat rack doesn’t come with one but three levels of organizational shelves. More shelves mean more space to organize items and give them a home.
  • TWO LEVELS OF HOOKS: The coat hanger portion comes with 2 tiers of coat hooks to double the items you can hang and store.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Great for hanging coats and other outerwear as well as accessories such as purses and scarves. The shelves can be used for shoe storage, reading material and any other small items.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 12.5 (W) x 24.2 (L) x 65 (H) inches, 12.43 pounds. Dimensions from floor to first shelf (22.05 in H)
  • SAFETY KNOB ON HOOK: Each hook comes with a decorative and functional knob to keep your clothes or coats free from damage.
  • HOME: Perfect for as a shoe rack for the entryway as a landing area for outerwear, bags, keys and much more. Also great for the bedroom as a clothes rack.
  • SCHOOL and OFFICE: Use it in the classroom to organize students’ belongings or bring a stylish touch to the office. Welcome clients and guests with this rack to store their things.
  • SPACE-SAVING ORGANIZER: At 12.5 x 24.2 inches, it won’t take up too much room while keeping your things tidy and organized.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Made of metal, it’s a breeze to wipe clean!
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