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Ergonomic Mesh Chair Lumbar Support and Non-Slip Foot Rest

Ergonomic Mesh Chair Lumbar Support and Non-Slip Foot Rest


Give yourself, your family and your friends the gift of comfort with Mind Reader Ergonomic support solutions for work or home.

  • ERGONOMIC BACK SUPPORT CUSHION & FOOTREST COMBO SET: The best of both worlds, the Mind Reader lumbar support back mesh support along with the textured foot massaging leg lifting adjustable footrest is the combination your body needs to support good posture and leg and foot comfort while you sit and work in your home office, company headquarters, studying in your dorm room or favorite chair at home.
  • INCREASE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS: Suffering from back and neck stiffening and ache while you're sitting at work? Numbness, tingling toes and calf tightening? All may be symptoms of an old or poorly designed chair. The Mind Reader ergopedic back support device helps to ensure your sitting position is upright and supported while our adjustable angled leg rest is proven to reduce soreness and fatigue to your back, feet, legs and knees, also improving circulation to your arms, wrists and hands while you work.
  • REDUCE PAIN CAUSED BY POOR POSTURE AND SITTING: Our lumbar support and leg rest with massaging surface is designed to help alleviate the pain and is comfort associated with lower back soreness, injury, chronic back and leg pain conditions, or simply add a little more support for those who sit for long periods at work - back support helps while you drive hours-long distances. The back and leg supports have an ergonomic design, high-grade memory foam and cooling surface materials, and leg, angle and foot support, alleviating pressure and stress on this sensitive area of the body.
  • PORTABLE EASY TO INSTALL OR MOVE: This back pillow and leg rest go wherever you need extra lumbar support and leg support - back support can be installed quickly with the easy-to-use and adjustable belt strap. Simply wrap the straps around the back of whatever seat you’re in and click the strap closed - disassembly is just as easy -The Mind Reader foot rest has a textured surface so you can massage your feet in your socks with ease - both back and foot support healthy living with reduced pain.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Combo includes one molded foam ergonomic design back pillow and one no assembly needed foot rest | Color: Black/Gray | Mesh Back Support measures 14.2" L x 15.4" W x 6.2" H Elevating Foot Rest measures  13.4 L x 18" W x 4.3" H | Back and Leg Support Solutions for Most Office Chairs.
  • REDUCES PRESSURE CAUSING LOWER BACK PAIN: Lower back pain can change your mood from good to sad and affect your ability to get your job done and function at home - take action to improve your sitting back support regimen by supporting your lower back while you sit and work - this will help to reduce or eliminate the rest of your body from compensating for that back pain and ultimately causing other unintended bodily pain - protect your back and posture while you work.
  • EASY INSTALL FITS ON MOST CHAIRS: Easy to use adjustable flexible strap wraps around the back of most chairs and stays put during use - have more than one chair that needs additional back support - the price is right for ordering more than one - use at home, in the office, while traveling by plane, train or car - bring it with you and provide yourself with pain from stress and poor posture - simple install makes it easy to take it with you - foot rest leg raising massage surface can be used with or without chair support.
  • PERFECT GIFT HOUSEWARMING AND HOLIDAYS: Who wouldn't love a thoughtful gift like this? Surprise your friends and family with this health and wellness, anti-fatigue solution for your back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet which makes your whole body feel better - Show that you care and give these two Ergonomic posture supporting Pain Relieving gifts during the holidays to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and as a special teacher gift and bring as a housewarming gift - you can't go wrong with this gift.
  • HIGH QUALITY BACK REST AND FOOT REST COMBO: Firm yet comfortable, the mesh support holds your lower back in the right position. Unlike other traditional back rests that slip and fall out of place or with insides that move around, the sturdy unit stays put, cradling your spine without feeling rock-hard. The soft yet firm mesh is ideal for all-day use, whether driving in the car, sitting at your desk, traveling on a plane, or simply sitting at home watching your favorite movie - foot rest requires no assembly and is easy to use.
  • EASY CARE SPOT CLEAN: Durable woven mesh is easy to spot clean with warm water and a cloth - do not bleach - cushion lumbar chair cushion trainer back pillow requires minimal care and will withstand day to day use at work or at home - perfect for students studying at home or away at school - vacuum and wash exterior as needed - easy to use them together or separately the lumbar support and foot rest are the perfect one two punch.