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Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle Cast Iron Tea Pot with Stainless Steel Infuser, Black

Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle Cast Iron Tea Pot with Stainless Steel Infuser, Black


Set The Ambiance: Back in ancient times, tea was used as a healing mechanism and now it has evolved to an everyday drink that maintains health and a peace of mind. Tea and Teapot culture is now a mood setter, it sets the mood when you want to relax and unwind from a long day. You can even add some sugar to your tea and make it a picker upper when you are tired or not motivated to start your day. Make a cup of good tea, savor it, and enhance the realm of spiritual life and make life more tasteful. Different Teas for Different Seasons: Drinking different teas with the change of the seasons is a perfect way to stay on track with your health. Drinking scented tea in the spring, drinking black tea in the winter to improve gut health, drinking tea in the fall helps promote healthy skin, and drinking green tea in the summer works as an antioxidant. Teapot Features: In order to avoid spilling when the water boils, avoid placing the water over ¾ of the teapot. This stovetop teapot kettle is built with an infuser for loose leaf tea to maximize the flavor and aromas of the tea.  The cast iron body of the Mind Reader Teapot is perfect for preserving heat and keeping your tea warm. The cast iron teapot distributes heat evenly, which helps enhance flavor extraction during the brewing process. Useful Care & Maintenance Tips: Before first use, put 5-10 grams of tea into the cast iron teapot and brew for about 10 minutes. A tannin film will cover the interior, which is the reaction of tannin from tea leaves and Fe2+ from the iron teapot, and it will help remove the odor and protect the teapot from rusting. Pour away the water after it is done boiling. Repeat the process for 2-3 times until the water is clear. After each use, please do not forget to empty the teapot. Take the lid off while drying, and the remaining water will be evaporated slowly. Recommended: do not pour over 70% of water capacity into the teapot. Avoid cleaning the teapot with detergent, brush or cleaning instrument. 

  • Multiple Use - It can be used for making tea with the infuser or simply boiling tea on the stovetop. Japanese teapot are recommended to use a minimal fire on the stove top to prevent water from over flowing and protect the coating of the pot.
  • Healthy Living - Cast iron teapots promote healthy drinking. Mind Reader cast iron teapot can improve the water quality by releasing iron ions and absorbing chloride ions in water. After the water is boiled the water will be greatly improved, which makes it suitable for all kinds of tea making.
  • Beautiful Asthetic Design - A traditional Japanese tetsubin design is certain to catch everyones attention. It is wonderful addition to a teapot lovers collection. The perfect and necessary decoration for any kitchen. The best tea kettle / teapot for boiling water or making tea on the market
  • Carrying Handle - The carrying handle is there for your convenience and to prevent you from harming yourself with the hot teapot. Easily transport your beautiful teapot throughout different rooms in your home with the carrying handle. Can be inverted for storage purposes.
  • Durable and Accessible - The spout is made for smooth water flow when pouring your tea into tea cups. The inside is made of enamel lining for health safety and long lasting durability.