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Touchless Standing Sanitation Dispenser, White

Touchless Standing Sanitation Dispenser, White


Install a Mind Reader sanitation station in your office or business and promote safety and wellbeing for customers and employees. This sturdy plastic sanitation station from Mind Reader products makes a trusted essential installation in your office or other place of business. The printed signage at the top provides clear pictorial instructions for how the station should be used, while the heavy, non-slip base provides against tipping over or accidental sliding. A portable design makes it easy to transport and position around your office or business lobby, or any other high traffic areas where employees and customers or other invitees may need access to sanitation supplies. Two locking compartments allow for touchless access to boxes of gloves or surgical masks, allowing you to offer two different sizes or styles of gloves, or gloves and masks at the same time. An additional compartment provides storage for large bottles of hand sanitizer or similar solution, so passersby can dispense sanitizer into their hands before proceeding onward. Please note, no gloves, masks, or sanitizer are provided with this product; you must supply your own. The easy-refill design makes replacing boxes of gloves and masks or bottles of sanitizer quick and convenient, and allows you to promote health and wellbeing in your place of business. Promote health and hygiene standards in your business with a Mind Reader sanitation station. Materials: Plastic, Stainless Steel.

  • MULTI-COMPARTMENTAL - The Mind Reader freestanding hygiene station features 3-compartments, including one designed for hand sanitizer, and two locking compartments for latex gloves or face masks
  • FREESTANDING DESIGN - The freestanding hygiene stand can be placed wherever it's needed, such as by bathrooms, breakrooms, elevators, in hallways, and similar high traffic areas for coworkers, clients, and customers to use
  • EASY TO LOAD - The compartments are easy to fill with gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer quickly and easily throughout the day as needed
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH - The industrial-strength, plastic construction is designed for indoor or outdoor usability, and created to reliably withstand the wear and tear of daily use
  • DIMENSIONS - 19.5"L x 19"W x 49.75"H (Overall) - SANITZER COMPARTMENT - 3.25"L x 3"W x 7.5"H - BOX COMPARTMENTS - 6"L x 4"W x 10.25"H (each)
  • PORTABLE DESIGN - A sturdy portable design makes it easy for you to carry and reposition this convenient freestanding sanitation station anywhere you need it
  • ENCOURAGES USE - Features a "stay safe" sign at top to encourage passers-by to utilize the hygienic tools provided, with pictorial instructions
  • VERSATILE USE - This item is universally useful and can be placed in office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, salons, gyms, restrooms, and more
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - This hygiene station is designed with a non-slip base so it will stay in place all day long without slipping or tipping
  • EASY CARE - To clean, simply wipe with a dry or damp cloth as needed to remove dust, dirt, and debris

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