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Happy Beerthday Drink Topper for Plastic Cups, Candle with Holder Included

Happy Beerthday Drink Topper for Plastic Cups, Candle with Holder Included


Serve some birthday laughs with the humorous Mind Reader Birthday Candle Drink Topper. This wickedly funny candle holder comes in an easy-to-assemble kit, with a candle included for your convenience. The stylized placard boasts the phrase “HAPPY BEERTHDAY,” which is sure to elicit a laugh from your friends, family, or brew-loving colleagues. A decorative beer-shaped cone holds a standard-sized birthday candle, and secures on top of a suction disk lid compatible with most standard-sized beer glasses or plastic cups. Remove the cone from the lid and use it as a wine stopper, if you’d prefer. Rather than a standard birthday cake covered in a hazardous amount of candles, let the celebrated party blow out a single candle and enjoy their favorite adult beverage. Take it with you to the bar--make sure they’re okay with it first!--or to a party, and give your celebration the humorous flair it deserves. Happy beerthday to you, indeed.
For your safety: under no circumstances should you attempt to drink from your beer glass while the candle is lit, as this could present a fire hazard. Always fully extinguish the candle flame and remove the drink topper before consuming your beverage of choice. Do not place the candle topper within range of alcohol fumes or on top of a drink made with liquor over 100 proof (more than 50% alcohol). Never transport the drink while the candle is lit. Always drink responsibly. Put an adult spin on the classic birthday candle with this clever drink topper from Mind Reader Products.

  • NO CAKE REQUIRED - Put a grown-up spin on traditional birthday treats by decorating your favorite beer, wine, or other adult beverage with this unique and delightful candle topper
  • CANDLE INCLUDED - Don’t let the lights go out on your celebration; this clever decoration comes with a candle in the package, allowing for quick and easy assembly
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Designed to fit most standard beer glasses and plastic cups up to four inches wide, the lip of the candle holder easily sits on top of your drink, providing a level support to keep the candle stable
  • ALL AGE OCCASIONS - Simply emblazoned with the phrase “Happy Beerthday”, this clever trinket can be appropriate for birthdays from 21 to 100; the acrylic topper can be reused with a new candle every year
  • DIMENSIONS - 4″ L x 4″ W x 3.5″ H
  • CELEBRATE ANYWHERE - Take the impromptu party with you wherever you enjoy drinks; bring your celebration to the bar, an informal gathering of friends, or wherever you like it
  • PUNCHY PRESENT - Give the gift of laughter to your friends, family, or colleagues with this whimsical decoration that perches neatly on their glass
  • REMOVE BEFORE DRINKING - Do not attempt to drink from the glass while the candle is lit; make sure to extinguish the flame and remove the drink topper before consuming; do not use this candle on any beverage over 100 proof

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