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1-Gallon Gravity Water Dispenser for Pets

1-Gallon Gravity Water Dispenser for Pets


The Mind Reader gravity-powered water bowl keeps your furry friends hydrated even when you’re away from home. Hydration is as critically important for pets as it is for humans, but can be more difficult to monitor when jobs and other human responsibilities require us to spend significant time away from home. Not everyone can get home throughout the day to efficiently fill a single bowl, and pets may need more water than expected on especially hot days. The Mind Reader gravity bowl provides a simple, easy-to-use solution that makes sure your pets have easy access to the water they need, all day long, without you needing to manually refill the bowl. All you need to do is fill the PET plastic bottle provided with your watering dish, and then place it upside down using the designated connector. Gravity draws the water down out of the bottle into the main bowl, constantly refilling the water dish as your pet drinks from it, and ensuring they have a steady and consistent supply of water. Ideal for short vacations or day trips, the Mind Reader gravity watering dish requires no complicated assembly process, no access to electrical outlets, and is easy to clean and assemble. We recommend that you clean your gravity watering dish with every refill. Rubberized non-skid feet make sure the watering dish stays in place as your pet drinks from it, preventing it from sliding across the floor and spilling. Buy a gravity watering dish from Mind Reader products and keep your pets’ drinks flowing! Materials: PET Plastic, Polypropylene Plastic.

  • POWERED BY GRAVITY - No complicated assembly or electrical outlet required; this automatic water dispenser is powered by gravity. As the water level in the bowl drops lower, more water from the refillable water bottle flows into the dish.
  • QUENCH THEIR THIRST - The included PET plastic water bottle can hold up to a gallon of water at a time, ensuring that your thirsty pets can drink their fill.
  • REFILLABLE RESERVOIR - When empty, simply remove the water bottle, fill it at a sink or faucet, then replace on top of the waterer.
  • NON-SLIP SIPS - The rubberized non-skid feet on your water dish ensure that it stays in place while your pets drink, preventing it from sliding and spilling.
  • DIMENSIONS - 12″ L x 6.5″ W x 11.75″ H
  • KEEP PETS HYDRATED - Ideal for short vacations or day trips when you can’t be at home to monitor the water bowl, ensuring your pets stay hydrated when you’re away.
  • SAFETY FIRST - Our gravity waterer is constructed from BPA-free, food-safe materials. Make sure to clean the water dish regularly between refills to reduce the risk of mold and bacteria.

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