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Folding Wine Rack, Collapsible Countertop Space Saving Storage Shelf

Folding Wine Rack, Collapsible Countertop Space Saving Storage Shelf


Stack up your spirits with the Mind Reader Folding Countertop Wine Rack.
Finding space for a full wine or spirit collection can present a challenge. Some cabinets come too close to countertops to fit bottles underneath, and other counters are limited in overall space. Using a rack like this allows you to fit a group of bottles into tighter areas without taking up excess space. You don’t have to sacrifice any part of your assortment to squeeze them all in. The modern design on this iron wine rack features octagonal openings through which you can insert your wine or liquor bottles. Its lightweight construction provides firm support for up to six bottles and 13 pounds at a time, while built-in round feet prevent it from wobbling. The small footprint makes it easy to fit on a countertop, in a small fridge, or even in a wine cabinet. In between uses, the rack collapses completely flat, allowing you to store it in drawers or other limited-space areas. It arrives fully assembled, so you can set it up and start storing right away. Save space and stash your wine collection in style with this collapsible storage rack from Mind Reader Products.

  • COMPACT DESIGN - Created to provide storage for your valuable wine bottles while also still fitting into smaller places, this rack works well on your countertop, in a wine cabinet, or inside a wine fridge
  • STRONG SUPPORT - The iron wire used to construct this rack provides a reliable support for up to 13 pounds at a time, so you can stack your favorite wine bottles, liquor bottles, and more
  • FIRM FOOTING - Built-in feet allow this rack to provide stable storage for your favorite red or white wine bottles without wobbling
  • COLLAPSES FLAT - Collapses completely flat between uses, so you can easily stash the rack away in a drawer or on a shelf when you don’t need it
  • DIMENSIONS - 6.5″ L x 13.19″ W x 9.06″ H
  • EASY SETUP - With no assembly, no special tools, and no fancy hardware required, this rack can be set up and ready to use within seconds of removing it from the box, so you can start storing
  • SIX-STACK - The unique octagonal design of this wine rack allows for storage of up to six bottles of wine at the same time, so you can save space on your countertop