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Fitness Floor Push-Up Bar (Set of 2), Black

Fitness Floor Push-Up Bar (Set of 2), Black


Build a stronger push-up with sturdy stands from Mind Reader. Push-ups remain an integral part of most workout routines, helping to build core strength and stability, improve flexibility, and a variety of other benefits. However, doing flat-palmed push-ups on the ground can often result in improper posture or injury. Meet the solution to this problem: the s-shaped push-up handle from Mind Reader. Simply place these handles on the ground, grip the top bar, and perform a variety of push-up and other ground exercises. The unique circular design and rubberized base helps to support your body weight without sliding across the floor, while the non-slip plastic handles provide comfort and a secure grip while working out. Hold yourself off the ground at a comfortable angle while maintaining a straight wrist, relieving wrist pain and reducing the risk of wrist injury. Arrange the handles however you want to perform narrow push-ups, wide arm pushups, and even leg exercises with additional arm support. Elevate your home workout routine with Mind Reader push-up handles. Material: Plastic. 

  • PROPER PUSHUPS - Improve your push-up posture instantly with these push-up stands. The handles allow you to more fully stretch your chest muscles while maintaining a flat back.
  • WRIST SUPPORT - The ergonomic design enables full arm extension while reducing strain on the wrists, permitting more extensive workouts without aggravating wrist pain.
  • BOLSTERED BODY - The unique circular design of these stands supports your body weight with improved strength and stability.
  • SIMPLE STORAGE - Unlike clumsy, bulky pull-up bars that double as push-up stands, these low-profile handles are incredibly easy to store when you’re finished using them.
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.94″ L x 7.94″ W x 3.5″ H (each)
  • EASY-TO-USE - Simply place the handles on the floor and use them to brace your body as you lower and raise yourself to the ground in a push up. Want to increase the challenge? Use one handle and do single-armed push ups!
  • NO-SLIP GRIP - Non-slip plastic handles ensure that during high-intensity sessions, you can maintain your grip. The rubberized base also prevents handles from sliding across the floor.