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Ergonomic Pet Grooming Brush For De-Shedding

Ergonomic Pet Grooming Brush For De-Shedding


Groom your pet like a pro with a Mind Reader Self-Cleaning Grooming Comb for Cats and Dogs.  Regular brushing and combing of your furry family’s coat helps to remove loose fur that would otherwise shed onto the furniture, floor, and your clothes. Professional groomers provide an excellent service but can also be cost-prohibitive to regular visits. However, cheap brushes can pull and snag delicate coats and cause stress and anxiety in pets. A quality grooming brush with properly designed bristles ensures that your pet’s coat stays protected, clean, and healthy.  This specially designed grooming brush from Mind Reader Products features a soft handle for your stability and comfort. The rubberized coating on the handle prevents the comb from slipping. At the same time, the fine wire bristles swiftly work through mats and remove undercoat fur from thick or thin coats. In minutes, your pets’ coat will be relieved of burdensome fur and back to sleek and shining. To clean the comb, press the button on the handle to retract the bristles into the brush head, allowing you to extract fur and dispose of it without a struggle. Regular brushing can even help to alleviate mild allergy symptoms from shedding and pet dander. Brush your way to happier, healthier coats for your furbabies with a professional grooming comb from Mind Reader Products.

  • CUT THE FLUFF - This specially designed grooming tool for dogs and cats helps to quickly and painlessly remove fur, keeping your pets’ coats healthy and reducing shedding around the house
  • EASY TO USE - Simply run the brush over your pets’ fur to efficiently remove loose hair that weighs down coats and sheds off onto furniture and carpeting
  • SELF-CLEANING STYLE - Press the button on the handle to retract the bristles into the head, leaving behind the collected fur for you to dispose; no struggling to free the hair from between bristles
  • THICK OR THIN - The fine wire bristles skillfully work through tangles without pulling, and remove loose fur from thick or thin coats, even reaching down into the undercoat
  • DIMENSIONS - 7.48″ L x 4.96″ W x 2.76″ H
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - The rubberized coating on the molded plastic handle allows you to keep a steady grip as you groom your pets for improved comfort and stability
  • HEALTHY HAPPY FUR - Regular grooming and removal of loose undercoat fur helps to promote overall coat health and luster

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