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Ergo-Comfort Adjustable Telephone Tray For Desk

Ergo-Comfort Adjustable Telephone Tray For Desk


Make your desk less cluttered with this telephone tray. This tray gives you the chance to lift you telephone at your office to a comfortable height for easy to reach access to it. Stop looking for your phone under reams of paper and answer your phone right away.

  • COMPARTMENTS: This phone tray holder is equipped with two tiers to help you organize your desk. The bottom tier being a document holder and the top tier being a telephone holder.
  • ADJUSTABLE: This tray is adjustable for any desk. Its clip adjusts to any thickness of desk that you may have.
  • SAFE FOR FURNITURE: Since this telephone tray clamps to desks, it comes with a rubber piece that prevents the clamp from damaging your desk/furniture.
  • TELEPHONES: The telephone tray also adjust to make sure that it holds any size telephone, allowing you to change telephones, if needed, without the worry of buying a larger or smaller telephone tray
  • VERSATILE: This telephone tray can go perfectly inside any office such as a doctor's office, law firm office and more. 
  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x 10.5 (W) x 19.5 (H)